Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: VA Bixby & Target Shipping Of 60M Leaked

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samsung galaxy s8 rumors
Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: The tech giant apparently has big expectations regarding Galaxy S7’s successor. (Screengrab from Samsung)

Samsung seems confident that last year’s Galaxy Note 7 explosion fiasco will not affect the demand for its future releases. An alleged leak reveals the South Korean company has set the shipping target of its upcoming Galaxy S8 significantly higher than any Galaxy product so far.

A new report citing industry sources claims the tech giant ordered its suppliers to provide parts based on a 60 million unit shipment target, in preparation for the Galaxy S8 release in a few months. That is roughly a 25 percent increase from Galaxy S6 and S7’s shipment numbers. Android Authority notes Samsung only shipped 45 million units of the former and 48 million Galaxy S7 handsets.

Viability of huge shipment target

If the rumor is accurate, it means the company has indeed been crafting a top-notch flagship device to make up for last year’s massive Note 7 recall. This sure makes sense to the company and patrons alike. However, analysts are questioning the company’s confidence to set the bar high for its upcoming flagship.

samsung galaxy s8 rumors

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: Is the company’s huge shipment target viable? (Photo from Telefónica in Deutschland/Flickr)

Mobile & Apps cites the smartphone market is becoming more saturated and competitive by the day. Neighboring countries especially China and India have been making cheaper devices with nearly similar specs, shrinking Samsung’s market share. Hence, there’s doubt on the viability of shipping 60 million Galaxy S8 units in 2017.

Still, this doesn’t justify anything yet. Samsung has consistently proven before that it knows how to produce great phones that sell extremely well on the market. The Galaxy S8 just might surprise everyone or even surpass its 60m target.

New S8 Virtual Assistant

One way Samsung could achieve its goal is through providing impressive and highly competitive features. If delivered well, the rumored new virtual assistant might just do the work.

According to Tech Times, rumors of a new VA in the works has been making rounds for a while now. A recent report reaffirmed the speculation that the South Korean tech giant has indeed a Siri challenger up its sleeve.

Samsung Galaxy s8 rumors

Samsung Galaxy s8 Rumors: Samsung might be launching its own Siri soon. (Screenshot from Apple)

Called Bixby, the site says Samsung could be announcing its own version of the world in the near future. A tech blog reportedly spotted a page on the Samsung Pay Beta website, which lists three services that the company intends to launch soon and among those is Bixby. Although the services are still being tested currently.

Per usual, Samsung is tight-lipped on this matter. News outlets expect, though, that the AI-powered voice assistant would be incorporated into a smartphone’s software much like the Google Assistant. Since the release of Galaxy S8 comes next, there is a strong possibility of Bixby’s presence in the handset.

With Bixby on board Samsung Galaxy S8, users can peruse the feature to access the Gallery app and enlist the personal assistant’s help to see pictures and videos. Such a feature will be comparable to Apple’s Photos app in iOS 10. Bixby will also likely be able to process payments made via Samsung Pay.

Samsung Galaxy s8 rumors

Samsung Galaxy s8 Rumors: The tech giant’s next-generation AI-powered personal assistant should be able to process payments via Samsung Pay. (Screenshot from Samsung)

Just like the shipment target, Samsung has yet to confirm Bixby’s S8 launch. Are you excited aboutthe new device?

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