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10 Free Google Chrome Extensions To Increase Productivity In 2017

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Free Google Chrome Extensions
Google has a lot of extensions available in the Chrome Web Store, doing everything from helping you save money to managing your passwords for you. (Screenshot from Chrome Web Store)

Google Chrome has become the most popular way to surf the web. It sure is already great but there are still plenty of ways to make it better like downloading Chrome extensions.

Extensions, for those who are unfamiliar, are basically small applications which add extra features to the browser. Google has dozens of it available in the Chrome Web Store. It does almost everything — from helping you save money to managing your passwords for you.

Here are 10 free Google Chrome extensions that would make your browing experience easier and more productive:

1. LastPass

This is one of the most useful add-ons on the Google browser. It is a password manager which helps keep users account secure and save time from filling out endless passwords. Users will simply have to remember one master password for a LassPass account and the extension will do the rest.

2. Pocket

If you constantly open up new tabs with articles you always never end up reading, the Pocket extension is for you. Per Telegraph, this Google Chrome add-on lets users save articles from the web browser to a phone or tablet that can be read later. Just click “Add to Pocket” and it will automatically save an offline version you could read on-the-go.

3. Go F***ing Work

Go F***ing Work is one of the most aggressive but very efficient anti-distraction tool available on Chrome. This extension reroutes you from unproductive sites to motivational, expletive-filled messages.

4. Honey

This extension browses the internet for discount codes users can apply to their purchases online. Honey also includes free shipping deals and promotions among others on its search. Simply hit the Honey button before you check out and see the price of the product drop.

Free Google Chrome Extensions

Honey searches the internet for discount codes, shipping deals and promotions. (Screenshot from Honey)

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5. Jot

According to The Next Web, Job is basically just a replacement for your new tab page. But aside from displaying a beautiful background, it also lets you list you most important to-dos or short notes in a large, legible font. If the bells and whistles of advanced task management extensions is a lot for you, Jot is a great choice which looks better than the rest.

6. Chrome Remote Desktop

One of the most helpful and free Google Chrome extensions, Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to access your work computer at home and vice versa. Its description says computers can be made available on a short or long-term basis –from ad hoc support to remote access to apps and files. All connections are fully secured as well.

7. Grammarly

If you’re always writing when using the browser, the Grammarly extension can help you keep your spelling and grammar as accurate as it needs to be. This add-on promises to detect hundreds of errors that the likes of Microsoft Word would just wave straight through.

Free Google Chrome Extensions

Grammarly is a dictionary plugin that claims to correct up to 10 times more mistakes than a normal word processor. (Screenshot from Grammarly)

8. MightyText

MightyText allows you to text Android phone numbers from your Google Chrome browser. It somehow works like iMessage on Mac or WhatsApp Web for Android text messages.

9. Hoverzoom+

When Hoverzoom+ is enabled, your mouse automatically blows an image it touches to full size. Compatible websites include Facebook, Flickr, Amazon, and Pinterest.

10. Discoverly

Beebom describes Discoverly as “a brilliant effort to bring Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn together in an effective way.” This extension examines social media profiles you visit and uses it data to find the same person’s other social media accounts. It covers Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook among others. Discoverly works with Gmail as well. This means you can get to know your contacts well and get in touch with them easily.

What do you think about these 10 free Google Chrome extensions? Are there any other add-ons that are worth position in list? Leave your comments below.

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