2016 Top Tech News That Impact on You: Pokemon GO, Samsung Note 7, Surface PC, MacBook Dongles, Kaby Lake, and More

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2016 was a big year for the tech industry. It played host to a number of successful mobile apps, and a fair share of controversial hardware releases. With the New Year just a few days ahead, we came up with a list of apps, devices, and news that had the biggest impact on you this 2016. Let’s look at the list in our 2016 Top Tech News That Impact on You feature.

Pokemon Go

The free-to-play augmented reality mobile game by Niantic took the world by storm last July 2016. The game is a collaboration between Japanese game developer, Nintendo, and tech developer Niantic. The combination of AR technology and the beloved monster hunting game, Pokemon, was proven to be a genius stroke between the two companies. The entire world was enthralled by the game, with millions of gamers walking around streets and malls to capture their favorite pokemons. The games is available for Android and Apple devices; Nintendo has gained more than $17.6 billion in market capitalization since the game’s launch.

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Fans Fear Game Under Performance

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The notorious Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The name is now recognized as one of the most embarrassing tech failures in recent history. The Note 7 was initially released last August 2016 to glowing reviews. Almost all tech critics agreed that the Note 7 is the Android smartphone to beat in 2016; then numerous Galaxy Note 7 units seemingly exploded spontaneously, even when not charging. What followed is the biggest product recall in tech history. The whole debacle was a huge embarrassment for the Korean tech giant, who was only recently riding out the success of their equally highly praised product, the Samsung Galaxy S7. The Note 7 exploding battery issue will cost Samsung at least $17 billion in revenue. Ouch.

An alleged Note 7 that exploded. Source: Android Headlines

Surface PC

Microsoft released a product that brought shame upon Apple engineers. The Microsoft Surface Studio PC was beautifully designed, has the top tech specs in the business, and features a zero-gravity hinge that can lay the touch screen HD monitor completely flat; perfect for designers. The release of the Surface PC brought into the limelight Apple’s neglect for their desktop computer lines. The last update if the iMac was more than two years ago.

Macbook Dongles

Macbook Pro users, how is the #donglelife treating you? The new Macbook Pros was controversial for many reasons. Some say the OLED touchbar above the keyboards was gimmicky, while people say that Apple’s choice to use an older Intel Skylake processor was downright wrong. However, the biggest controversy for the Macbook Pro 2016 was Apple’s decision to use only USB C ports for their new laptops. This move alienated almost all pro users, and necessitated the use of various dongles.

Kaby Lake

2016 saw the introduction of the latest 7th generation Intel processor, the Kaby Lake chipset. The new processors first saw use in 2016 through its inclusion in some of the latest ultrabook releases like the refreshed version of the Dell XPS 13 and Microsoft’s Surface Book. The new Macbook Pros were criticized for now using the Kaby Lake processors, instead, opting the use the older Skylake chipset.Intel Kaby Lake

Trump Silicon Valley Meet

To cap off the year, the supreme commander-elect, donald Trump recently summoned to Trump Tower the big shots of Silicon Valley. Trump discussed various issues like labor to Silicon Valley honchos like Tim Cook and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Trump was very vocal in his campaign trail regarding the export of product manufacturing to countries like China, something Apple has been doing for decades now.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event in Dallas, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

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