Here Are 5 Controversial Valentines Day Murders

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Valentines Day Murder
PHOTOGRAPH: Death Do Us Part Movie/Anchor Bay Entertainment | Valentines Day is widely viewed as a time for love, but the emotionally charged holiday is actually a date of several high-profile and disturbing murders as well.

While Valentine’s Day is most often associated with love and romance, February 14 has also been a date of several high-profile and disturbing murders. In fact, there are more people who have been killed on this date than you may have thought. Check out our five most controversial Valentines Day murders below:

1. Charles Walton – The Pitchfork Murder (1945)

One of Britain’s oldest unsolved crimes, the so-called Pitchfork murder saw farmer Charles Walton pinned to the ground by his own farming tool. The 74-year-old was reportedly a loner but wasn’t hated by the community in Lower Quinton village in South Warwickshire, England. But his death proved this claim wrong.

According to Mirror, on Feb. 14, 1945, an unidentified man beat Walton over the head, slashed his throat open, and secured his body to the ground with a pitchfork. A cross had also been carved into his chest. The horrific event was out of the ordinary for a small English village, especially with the carving.

However, what emerged from the Scotland Yard investigation were mere stories of witchcraft. There has been no sufficient evidence to charge anyone with Walton’s death and so, 72 years on, his murder remains unsolved.

2. St. Valentines Day Murder (1929)

A feud over the control of Chicago resulted in this most notorious killing in mob history. In an attempt to kill Irish mob head Bugs Moran, South Side Italian gang leader Al Capone plotted a murder scheme on Feb. 14, 1929 which resulted in the death of seven gangsters. Both mob leaders were butting heads to take control of the bootlegging trade and Moran purportedly was stepping on some of Capone’s businesses.

Capone lured Moran and his members to a warehouse in Illinois where they were confronted and gunned down by four men. CBS reports two of the gunmen were wearing police uniforms. The site says the victims must’ve thought it was a police raid as there were no signs of any struggle. The victims were shot over a hundred times.

More than 160 machine gun casings were littering the scene when the bodies were found. Moran, who was the main target of the shooting, was able to escape, reportedly taking off after seeing the police’s arrival. Authorities have not yet solved the crime to date.

3. Karyna Gutierrez’s Murder (2015)

A court has sentenced a student and personal trainer in Texas to 25 years in prison for murdering his girlfriend during a rough Valentine’s Day sex session. Chico Fierro, 26, pleaded guilty to killing his girlfriend, Karyna Rodriguez, on Feb. 14, 2015. Authorities have found the waitress dead inside an apartment at the Celina Apartments in east El Paso a day after the incident.

According to the suspect’s ex-girlfriends, Fierro liked to use objects during sex. Indeed, the autopsy result shows Rodriguez bled to death after suffering massive internal bleeding during the intercourse.

4. Jodine Elizabeth Serrin’s Murder (2007)

Jodine Elizabeth Serrin’s parents had found her lifeless in the bedroom of her Swallow Lane home on Feb. 14, 2007. Fox 5 reports her parents had gone to check on her that day when her father walked on a man who appeared to be having sex with their 39-year-old mentally disabled daughter

Believing they were lovers, Jodine’s parents waited for them at the other part of the apartment. When she failed to show up, they went straight check to her room only to find out her cold and brutally slain body lying in her bed. Autopsy reports show there were no signs of forced entry. This suggests Jodine might have known her attacker.

The DNA recovered from the scene did not match any offenders in the national database. Currently, the investigation is still ongoing and the suspect remains at large.

5. The Valentine’s Day Dance Murders (1971)

Valentine’s Day 1971 was the last holiday Jesse McBane, 19 and Patricia Mann, 20, spent together alive. The young pair accompanied each other to dance at a local hospital. But neither of the two returned to their homes that night.

Authorities have initially ignored the case, believing they had just run away or eloped. The investigation launched a few days later also yielded no results. Over a week after they went missing, their bodies were found in a local park, tied to a tree and covered in leaves. They had been tortured and killed.

The police still have not charged anyone for the 1971 Valentines Day murder. Although the list of suspects included a hospital worker who refused both a polygraph test and a DNA test. McBane and Mann’s families continue to hope for a resolution.

Do you recall any horrifying Valentines Day murder? Share it with us in the comments below.

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