Amazon AR View Now Available on Android: Here’s How it Works

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Amazon AR View
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Amazon’s AR (augmented reality) tool — otherwise known as the Amazon AR View — is now available for Android users. While the tool was only previously available on iOS, those on Android devices can now enjoy the augmented reality portion of Amazon’s app.

What is Amazon AR View?

For the uninitiated, AR View is a tool in the Amazon app that allows users to see what their potential purchases could look like in their living quarters. It allows users to formulate how a possible purchase could look like mixed with other decor, furniture, and backdrops.

AR View is compatible with different categories in the Amazon marketplace. This ranges from home decor, other Amazon products, furniture, electronics and even toys. It ultimately provides users with a visual of what a future purchase could look like at home prior to making the commitment of an actual purchase.

Additionally, should users make the final decision to actually purchase an item, they can already do so right off the bat. Users can make a purchase directly from the Amazon app and have their acquisitions delivered to them as soon as possible.

How to Use Amazon AR View on Android Devices

To make use of AR View, simply boot up the Amazon app and tap on the camera icon. From there, select AR View, which will then allow you to try out a selection of products and see how they fit with your living arrangements.

The availability of AR View to Android devices is all thanks to the recent release of ARCore 1.0 from Google. For those who may be unaware, ARCore 1.0 is Android’s official augmented reality toolkit that allows Android apps to integrate virtual objects into the real world. Prior to the release of ARCore 1.0 — and the subsequent availability of AR View to Android users — Amazon’s AR tool was only available on iOS.

With the release of ARCore 1.0 being fairly recent, only a select number of Android devices can support AR View. This includes the likes of the Samsung S7, Samsung S8, Samsung Note 8, and Google Pixel phones. Other compatible devices also include the Asus Zenfone AR, LG V30, and OnePlus 5.

On the other hand, AR View on Apple devices is much more flexible, seeing as the tool has been live on the iOS for a while now. So long as an Apple device is running on iOS 11 or higher, it is compatible with Amazon’s AR View.

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