Amazon Go Store: Wher the Cashier Clerk Is; Unemployment to Increase due to Automation

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Amazon Go Store

The world is increasingly becoming automated. With intelligent drones flying in the air and driverless cars in our streets, what will technology bring us next year?

The next big jump in technology is the apparent automation of front-line, store clerks. According to Amazon, their new concept store, Amazon Go, is a new kind of store with no checkout counters. Their new concept negates the need for store clerks, so that customers will never have to wait in line. “No line, no checkout,” according to Amazon Go’s official web page.

According to Amazon, the technology used in Amazon Go stores is the same technology used in self-driving cars; a combination of computer vision, sensor fusion, and a deep learning artificial intelligence. Amazon calls the technology their “Just Walk Out” system.

The new AI driven technology is worrying labor groups; many believe that the technology will soon bring about the end of the traditional store clerk, and will mean the loss of millions of jobs in the US.

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Amazon Go Store to replace traditional store setup?

Labor rights observers are worried about the potential of technologies like Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology, which will definitely impact the jobs of human workers in the retail industry.

Amazon Go is set to open a new location in Seattle that has no store clerks and no cash registers. Customers can simply use their Amazon Go mobile app to enter the Amazon Go store, the AI system of the market will wirelessly recognize your Amazon account in the app, and the system will automatically take note and track the items you plan to take out in the store.

After shopping, customers can simply leave the store; the system will automatically process all the items, charge your credit card, and send you a receipt online.

Anyone can use this new system, as long as you have the Amazon Go app, a supported smartphone, and an existing Amazon account. The technology is definitely pushing the boundaries of computer vision and AI machine learning.

With AI technology currently able to handle driving cars on the road, the eventual automation of the service industry is inevitable. The question is, how will humanity handle the transition to full automation without hurting the jobs and livelihood of millions of people.

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