Amazon Scams Will Rise In 2017: Here’s How Consumers Can Protect Themselves

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Amazon Scams Will Rise In 2017
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Amazon pushed the boundaries last year with their record breaking sales. The company is the best online retail store in the world, which also means that the website is a prime hunting ground for scammers and hackers. Forbes reports that Amazon will likely have an increase in scams this year.

Amazon reported a record number of online scams last year. Although proven victims of scams on their website are covered by their A-Z guarantee. A lot of customers were still bereft of presents or Christmas goodies last Holiday season. Amazon pushed back on these fake sellers last year, especially with their much publicized defective USB Type-C dongles. Consumers asked why a big company like Amazon lets distributors sell substandard or downright fake cables.

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The Tech community is now wondering if Amazon, a company long known for its sterling reputation in e-commerce, has now become a scam-riddled website. Tech industry commentators now predict that Amazon scams will rise in 2017. Whatever the case, internet users and shoppers must re-acquaint themselves with these basic steps to protect themselves online.

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How to protect yourself from scams on Amazon. 

  1. Customers buying on Amazon should be wary of third party sellers. Amazon examines every year the companies and distributors they deal with. Nevertheless, unscrupulous companies always get away from Amazon’s strict screening. Many third party sellers sell counterfeit and pirated goods. Stick with well-known sellers. 
  2. If the price is too good to be true, then it probably is. Don’t be tempted to buy products that are extremely cheap. Either the product is fake, mislabeled, or worse substandard. Defective cables can start fires in your home. 
  3. Stick with products that are labelled as “ships from and sold by”. Amazon sources all their products directly from manufacturers. By ensuring that Amazon is the primary source of the item, you directly get a guarantee from Amazon that the product is genuine. 
  4. Read the reviews carefully. If you have to buy from a third party seller, then read the product (or distributor) reviews carefully. Some companies post fake reviews on their Amazon page to fool buyers into thinking they are legit. Customers should use common sense when trying to detect reviews that are too positive or fake.

Scammers are everywhere nowadays, and it’s up to the internet community to be vigilant and alert when dealing with these criminals. For more up-to-date entertainment and tech news, keep reading TechPlz.

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