Apple Flexible Phone Might Begin Production in 2018

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apple flexible phone
PHOTOGRAPH: Apple Website | Apple may consider using flexible screen for its future iPhones.

The future of Apple’s smartphone line could feature a flexible screen as the tech giant is reportedly ‘considering’ new panels for its future iPhone designs. Supplier Japan Display Inc. unveiled a new LCD panel which utilizes plastic instead of the traditional glass to make it bendable. The new screens will reportedly go into mass-production next year.

Apple Flexible Phone

According to Digital Trends, the new LCD panel called the Full Active Flex is comparable to the OLED displays found on the Samsung Galaxy Edge series. While it isn’t as flexible to the rival’s screen, the site reports the rumored LCD has a plastic layering. This glass substitute not just gives pliability to the screen, it also provides stronger resistance to crack in case dropped.

If the rumors are accurate, this should be an advantage to Apple to reduce the cost of warranty repairs. A bendable LCD screen should also reduce incidences of out-of-warranty repairs of the tens of millions of iPhones sold.

But before Apple patrons get too all excited, they should note that this does not mean that a near-future iPhone will feature a curved LCD display. On the contrary, there are strong speculations of the Cupertino-based company switching to OLED displays any time soon. Still, this year’s iPhone or the 2018 version will likely not include the feature just yet.

Apple flexible phone: The company has a new display choice in JDI’s bendable plastic LCD for a curved-screen iPhone in the future.

Bendable Screen For Future Apple Products?

Japan Display has long rivaled tech suppliers from China and Korea. It has faced criticisms for its slow adoption of OLED technology. In December, the company notably got a financial bailout. As part of the deal, it acquired a controlling stake in Joled. The firm is an OLED company created by former units from tech giants Sony and Panasonic.

While smartphones are the most likely benefactors of the new display technology, Tech Radar reports Apple may also use the bendable screens on its other products like a MacBook or an eventual Apple Car. Perhaps it may even feature the tech in a new Apple Watch for a better fitting screen or a potential VR headset for a better wrap around screen in user’s field of vision.

Apple may also use the new tech on its other products.

Unfortunately, the exact plan for this technology has yet to be officially released. The aforementioned are just a few of the many ways that it will be of benefit to Apple. Hopefully, the company will provide definite details about the rumored Apple flexible phone soon.

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