‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2 Spoiler: Reiss Family Exposed

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The release date of ‘Attack on Titan’ season 2 has been revealed by its makers, putting an end to the wait. The sophomore season of the hit anime will be released in spring 2017 and was also confirmed through Twitter, together with the first promotional poster for Season 2.

The series first aired in the year 2013 and is about humans fighting for survival against a race of nearly-unstoppable giants. In the year 2014, it was announced that the series will have a second season, and the wait might be over very soon. Though, a release next spring would just add a couple of months to what some fans were already expecting.

Season 2 of “Attack on Titan” was originally supposed to release in November 2016. But, according to reports, the manga author Hajime Isayama and anime director Tetsuro Araki were keen on completing at least four story arcs before the anime series can enter into production.

The second season has the same animation studio Wit Studio, the animation studio that worked on the first season of the show and most of the staff will be the same too. Though Masashi Koizuka has been promoted to director, while Tetsuro Araki is elevated to chief director.

Viewers can expect to discover the real deal behind the Reiss family’s facade in the next season as per speculations. The dominant clan of the Reiss family has ruled the multilayered Walls of Sheena for over a century. The clandestinely ruling family is speculated to own the “Titan’s Power” which is also known as the “Coordinate.” The Clan and other citizens are governed by a just a nominal leader to hide the true identity of the family, according to reports.

Survey Corp’s 13th commander Erwin Smith is also speculated to feature in the coming season as fighting against the leader to support the residents of the clans. The revolt will be headed by Smith only to find that the actual power lies with the family in disguise.

There is a possibility of the family’s identity being uncovered in the season 2 as Krista Lenz, the member of the Scouting Legion, might reveal her real name, which is Historia Reiss. Just like one of the anime’s protagonists, Eren Yeager, we might see Krista possessing the power to transform herself into a Titan as she is the member of the surreptitious clan.

Two additional titans namely the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan are also believed to be featured in the next season.

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