BlackBerry Mercury Might Have 3GB of RAM, 18MP Rear Camera & 8MP Selfie Cam

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BlackBerry Mercury
Will the BlackBerry Mercury be the QWERTY brand’s comeback phone? (Photo credit: Twitter/@BlackBerryNews)

BlackBerry Mercury is a promising phone for people who prefer physical keyboards. The QWERTY brand is back after it partnered with TCL. The latter is a Chinese company that builds Alcatel phones.

How much is the new mobile gadget and what exactly are we paying for?

BlackBerry Mercury: Hardware

According to The Inquirer, the handset comes with a decent 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. Also, Mercury has an extended 3, 400mAh battery. The phone presents a smaller 4.5” HD display with 1, 680 x 1, 080 pixels.

Meanwhile, an 18MP rear camera and another 8MP selfie cam could attract fans. The iconic QWERTY keyboard also shows gesture capabilities. It allows users to swipe in any direction to move through your home screen.  

A fingerprint sensor, which is embedded into the space bar, is unique. Above it are capacitive navigation buttons that offer strong haptic feedback

BlackBerry Mercury: Software

The device runs Android 7.0 Nougat. Its user-interface is almost like the stock Android, only with a few OS tweaks. For example, the overview button displays previous apps in a grid.

Interestingly, BlackBerry tools were pre-installed such as the following:


2. BlackBerry Hub


Per CNET, Mercury could use a Snapdragon 821 processor too. It runs at 2.02GHz.

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Other specs of Mercury

The phone carries a quite elongated rectangular shape. It has a soft-touch back which feels like a little cheap for a flagship brand. A USB Type-C charging port sits between the speakers.

The same “Convenience Key” from DTEK60 and DTEK50 is also demonstrated. Mercury’s power button emerges on the left. Now, the volume takes the space above the “Convenience Key” on the right.

DTEK70, codenamed Mercury, debuts any day now. The price is still unclear but rumors suggest it will be around £275. Fans believe that it will not sell at a price higher than the DTEK60. The latter is at £475.

Why is QWERTY keyboard the way it is? What is the logic behind the arrangement of the alphabets? Who invented it?

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