BlackBerry Press Real Name Leaked & Specs: What You Need To Know

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BlackBerry Press
A screengrab of Steve Cistulli’s Twitter post showing the new BlackBerry smartphone. (Photo Source: Twitter / @SteveCistulli)

Still remember Blackberry? Blackberry phones were once the go-to smartphones for professionals and on-the-go individuals but have since been overtaken by devices like the iPhone. Blackberry revealed yesterday their plan to come back into the limelight with a leaked trailer. Steve Cistulli, president of TCT (manufacturing partner of Blackberry) teased fans with e series of tweets containing images of the latest Blackberry phone.

The next tweet reveals the bottom part of the smartphone, and what looks like a USB Type-C port in the middle of two speakers.

The recent Twitter revelations by Cistulli is in keeping with his company’s statement last December. In the statement, Cistulli said that they will make their intention about the brand clear come CES 2017. TCT stated that they will reveal details of their plan to revive and “showcase the legacy of the Blackberry smartphone brand.”

TCT confirmed in the recent leaks the specs and brand name of the upcoming Blackberry smartphone. Read on for more info.

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Blackberry Press specs revealed

Steve Cistulli reveals (not so subtly) in his Twitter post the name of the new Blackberry smartphone, the Blackberry Press. Along with the official press releases, a tipster posted on Weibo the specs of the new smartphone.

The smartphone comes with a 4.6-inch HD display, along with Blackberry’s iconic physical keyboard. The handset will be powered by a Snapdragon processor; the jury is still out which model it will be. The Snapdragon 823 processor is a strong contender, though. 3GB of onboard RAM and 32GB of storage is expected to be part of the base model specs.

The Blackberry Press comes with an 18-megapixel rear camera, and an 8-megapixel front-facing one. A fingerprint scanner is expected to be integrated into the space bar of the physical keyboard.

Blackberry threw out the old Blackberry 10 operating system in favor of the new Android 7 Nougat OS. This move is seen by many as critical to the survival of the company since Android is now the gold standard of smartphone operating systems. Nevertheless, fans believed that it was Blackberry’s slow response to the Android revolution that caused the venerable company’s decline in the tech arena.

Check out the latest video reveal of the Blackberry Press in Steve Cistulli’s Twitter post.

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