Blizzard Rules Out Doomfist, Teases Next Overwatch Hero: Here’s Who It Might Be

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PHOTOGRAPH: Blizzard Entertainment | Overwatch’s next hero probably isn’t Doomfist.

If you thought Doomfist would be the next Overwatch hero, think again. Game director Jeff Kaplan has undermined the assumption that the long-rumored character is the 24th hero in the game. Over the weekend, he took to the official forum to tease: “24 isn’t who you think it is.”

In the thread, Kaplan was talking about sitting and laughing emotes and how Sombra, the game’s latest hero, doesn’t have one yet. According to him, Sombra’s emotes are in the plants but it won’t be out for months.

“New heroes will most likely not have sit and laugh emotes for some period of time after their release,” he wrote. “We’d rather not hold new hero releases for these emotes. But we do plan to add them over time.”

He went on to explain the delay has something to do with prioritization. While emotes usually take only days or weeks to create, he revealed the team is busy working on not just one but “multiple new heroes.” Apparently, they do first ‘what makes the biggest impact for the most people’.

“Right now, we feel like introducing a new hero to the line-up would be more impactful to the game,” he added, per IGN. Kaplan has not named Doomfist on the discussion but this doesn’t mean that the character will never be in the game.

After all, he did not explicitly rule out the character from the roster. His statement could have simply meant that the next hero is not this specific character. So, who could be the 24th hero?


The Doomfist posters in the Overwatch Cinematic Trailer.


Who Is The Next Overwatch Hero?

Blizzard, unfortunately, has no plans of spoiling us. But a Reddit user points out some evidence that the next Overwatch hero will be Greek. According to Segment Next, the speculations emerged after voice actor Alex Malaos updated his CV, indicating that he had done voice work for the game, under the direction of Kaplan.

There are no other details about the character apart from its current title “Greek.”  He later removed any reference to Greek, but hawk-eyed fans managed to archive it online.

Voice acting is traditionally one of the final output put into the game design. So this could very well point to a character already in final production. More interestingly, Overwatch’s Greek-set Ilios map is one of few game locations left without a direct tie to the game’s characters or animated shorts. Regardless of who the 24th hero is, we might not have to wait too long.

Overwatch has regularly dropped a new piece of content per month. If we’re lucky, we might meet the next playable hero upon its next update.

Who do you think is the game’s 24th hero? Let us know in the comments below!

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