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Bowers & Wilkins P9 Review: This Is A Solid Beats By Dr Dre Alternative

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Beats By Dr Dre Tour 2
PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/@BowersWilkins | Beats by Dr Dre Tour 2 found its rival in the Bowers & Wilkins P9 headphone.

Beats by Dr Dre Tour 2 features big sounds packed in a smaller and lighter bundle. This pair of headphones allows users to carry it in a seamless manner and works with any type of gadget. Whether the user runs daily chores or on a workout, the Tour 2 earbuds are comfortable to wear.

However, Beats by Dr Dre is like a Jack of all trades. It’s wide applicability and price tag are stop signs for most. There are many users who want more focus on looks or sound quality and have found Beats lacking. So, is it time to look beyond Dr Dre’s portfolio? Read on to find out.

Beats by Dr Dre Tour 2 met its match

Companies like the Bowers & Wilkins cater to an audience with a keen ear. Below are the noteworthy specs of the all-new P9 model.

The British audio company is celebrating its golden anniversary. The P9, basically, is their treat to customers. Reportedly, it ditched the plastic for a metal body paired with Saffiano leather. The exterior alone makes the new variant so easy to love.

Probably, what separates it from the Beats model is that the P9 has the best and most satisfying bass sound. The low big sounds just wobble like a jelly. Poor vibration is definitely not in the Bowers & Wilkins dictionary.

P9 headphones solved the problem of bumpy bass audios that disrupt higher frequencies. For example, the P9 permits loud explosions with still crystal-clear voices. The headphones form like a pyramid. Owners get a variety of amazing bass sounds that diminish gradually as frequency goes up.

Should you buy the P9 over Beats by Dr Dre Tour 2?

Indeed, it will sound too good to be true if we do not mention about its downsides. First is the weight issue. The P9 sits at a considerable 413g or .91lbs. Although foam pads surround it, the headband puts a significant pressure on the head.

According to Headphones Compared, the Tour 2 thrives with quality plastic. That means Beats headphones are notably lighter than the P9.

Secondly, there is an aural limitation to the gadget known as a narrow soundstage. Rival brands like the Beats offer a wider and deeper “stage” when listening. Per The Verge, P9 sounds concentrate mostly in the middle.

Should you buy it? The truth is it does not come cheap. Currently, the P9 is worth $900. That seems to be a price users cannot justify even with superb features. But, this headphone is perfect as a gift. There will be no feeling of guilt buying something really expensive for yourself. Also, the recipient of the present will definitely enjoy it.

At the end of the day, Bowers & Wilkins proved their point. The P9s can surely give the Beats by Dr Dre a worthy competition.

Will you buy it or will you opt to stay faithful to Beats? Leave your comments below.

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