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Brazil Prison Riot 2017: Fugitives Taunt Police With Selfies After Breaking Out

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Brazil Prison Riot 2017
A police riot squad (Photo Credits: Flickr/Jobs For Felons Hub)

A Brazilian fugitive escaped from jail and posted selfies in the jungle. Know more about the details of the Brazil prison riot 2017 below.

Brazil prison riot 2017

A real life Prison Break leaves dozens dead in Manaus, Brazil.  A fight between rival gangs in Antonio Trindade Penal Institute left 56 people dead. Per ABC News, 112 inmates have escaped.

The riot broke out on Sunday afternoon and lasted through the night. The bloodied and burnt bodies stacked in a concrete prison yard and piled in carts. Outside, police hunted for dozens of inmates who escaped through a series of tunnels.

Amazonas state public security office said that the prison has 1,224 inmates, which was only built to hold 592.

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The jungle selfies

Brayan Bremer is serving a sentence for robbery and was one of the inmates who broke out of the prison. As if mocking the police, Bremer posed with other inmates in jungle selfies after the jailbreak.

In one of the photos, Bremer is in a Bayern Munich football shirt, with another escapee while they both give a thumbs up to the camera. In another snap, Bremer and other prisoners are laughing and smiling as they stand among the trees. (via Daily Mail)

Netizens poking fun at the photos turned them into memes and film poster spoofs but despite social media poking fun at Bremer, Brazilian police are eager to recapture him and the other inmates who escaped from the jail.

Brazil Prison Riot 2017

Brazil prison riot 2017: Brayan Bremer (left) and other escaped inmates took photos after breaking out of prison (Photo Credits: Daily Mail)

Authorities said that out of the escaped only 40 have been recaptured, although one appears to be the man Bremer is posing with in one of the selfies.

What other safety measures do you think could have prevented the Brazil prison riot 2017? What could be an effective method to recapture the escaped inmates?

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