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Brittany Herring Streamed Torture Of Special Needs Man On Facebook Live

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Brittany Herring
Brittany Herring alongside the unnamed young victim. (Photo Source: Facebook / Brittany Herring)

A group of people tortured a special needs person and streamed it on Facebook Live. The police arrested four individuals after being tipped that a man was being held hostage in Chicago’s west side. Facebook user Brittany Herring streamed the video on Facebook Live for 30 minutes before the Chicago Police Department was able to respond.

The assailants attacked an innocent man, in an attempt to protest certain social injustices.This video highlights how technology and social media may be used for the wrong reasons. As of date, the video has been deleted.

Police identified the assailants to be composed of two men and two women, all aged around 18 years old. Police informed local new channel, Fox 32 Chicago, that they received reports about the video this Wednesday. Furthermore, they recorded the video last Tuesday, to be exact.

The four assailants were African Americans. Furthermore, the gang kidnapped a young white man. Authorities have confirmed that the case will be filed as a hate crime.

Police Currently Questioning Assailants

Police are questioning the four African Americans, which apparently tortured and held hostage the young white man. The four shouted words like “F— Trump!” and “F—- white people.” 

Brittany Herring pushed herself into the social media spotlight since it was her who streamed the deplorable video on Facebook Live. Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said to Fox 32 that the “The video is reprehensible.” 

What Happened?

The video shower four individuals kicking and hitting the man, all while tied up with his mouth taped shut. Police reported having spotted the young man walking along a street on West side Tuesday afternoon. According to authorities, the victim appeared dazed and was injured and bleeding. The police picked up the young man and brought him to a nearby hospital.

Investigators then pieced together this sordid story. The young man was apparently a classmate of the perpetrators. The gang picked him up in northwest suburban Streamwood and brought the victim all the way to Chicago City. The victim was held hostage for approximately 48 hours inside a West Lexington apartment.

Incident labelled as hate crime

President-elect Donald Trump was mentioned in the tirades of the kidnappers, investigators say the event was not politically motivated. Also, activists have labelled the act as a hate crime. Police reported that they still can’t get an official statement from the victim. Further, he has been unable to speak due to trauma and police will file charges against the assailants within 24 hours. 

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