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Are you waiting for a live music video online but worried that your schedule may clash with the broadcast time of the video? Now, that’s sad. Live streaming videos are one of the best bits of the digital zone  but the problem is you have to catch them live only. The sites streaming these videos don’t exactly offer download facilities. Hence if you can’t catch them at their scheduled time, you have to miss out on them. However, things are not that gory today as you have Movavi Screen Recorder at your service. It’s a state of the art program that can capture streaming video and save it in your system so that you can easily watch it later. 

The post below explains how to record streaming videos with the Movavi software.

Download & install

First, you will have to download and install the Movavi Screen Recorder in your system.

Set capture parameters

Now, you will have to set the recording parameters.

Open up the page where the video will be streamed. Then, draw a capture frame over video. You will be able to adjust the frame manually. In case, you want to record video in optimum resolution, you have to select Full Screen for the monitor name from size preset list.

Then, you will click on System Audio which will enable the program to capture sound along with the video. 

Record webcast

Now, we will record the streaming video with the Movavi Screen Recorder.

Click on REC tab and wait for 3 seconds. Hit Play on streaming video player and commence the recording process. After the video has been recorded, click on Stop. The video will be automatically saved in MKV format

Convert & save

If you don’t want the video in MKV format, you can easily change it into another format. Click on Save As and select a preferred output format. The program supports all media formats and you are sure to find a preferred video format here. Now, just click on Save.

Features of Movavi Screen Recorder

  • Captures any kind of live streaming video from computer screen
  • Captures audio from multiple sources
  • Allows basic video editing functions like video trimming
  • Supports all popular video formats and video conversion

Useful tip for users:

If you have some other chore to do while recording the video, click on alarm clock icon. The Movavi software comes with an in-built timer which allows users to set recording time and duration. This way, the software will record the video and stop automatically once the timer reaches the set duration so that you don’t have to sit throughout the recording.

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