CES 2017 Samsung Highlights: QLED TVs, Robot Vacuum, Windows 10 Tablets And More

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CES 2017 Samsung

It’s 2017! And with the New Year, comes new tech, gadgets and even more cool technologies. To kick off this exciting new year in tech, the ever constant Consumer Electronics Show will start this January with a slew of new tech and gear. The most interesting part of CES this year is perhaps the revelations what Samsung will bring out in the event. 2016 was a decidedly bad year for the Korean tech giant, what with the embarrassing Global recall of their dearly departed flagship phone, the Samsung galaxy Note 7. Exploding Samsung washing machines also managed to compound the damage to the company’s credibility. This year, Samsung needs to regain the trust of the their consumers, and the CES event this January in Las Vegas is the first part of the long journey to Samsung regaining the public trust. Read on for our CES 2017 Samsung highlights.

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QLED TVs to top CES 2017 Samsung highlights

At the top of the list is Samsung much reported QLED TVs. CES is always the perfect venue to introduce exciting new television technologies, and Samsung is planning on bringing out the big guns QLED flagship televisions.

Samsung’s specialty has always been with their displays. The company has a virtual monopoly on the excellent OLED technologies used in almost almost all LED televisions, and of course, in the excellent displays of their Samsung Galaxy S7 line.

QLEd stands for Quantum Dot OLED technology, and alludes to the increased amount of pixels per inch afforded by the new technology by Samsung.

Meanwhile, Samsung made quite a stir last year with their line of Windows 10 convertible PCs. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S was one of the best reviewed convertible PCs of 2016. With the success of Samsung in the Windows 10 arena, the tech giant is reported to unveil two new Windows tablets, with designs akin to their existing Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S. The tablets will have two variants, one has a 12-inch display, while the other will have a smaller 9-inch screen.

Samsung will also unveil their updated line of robotic vacuum cleaners, dubbed the PowerBot VR7000. The robots by Samsung can be controlled by Amazon’s Alexa AI, thru the Amazon Echo smart home speakers.


Other gadgets in CES 2017

Other expected gadgets to debut in CES 2017 include a new hybrid version of the top Windows laptop in 2016, the Dell XPS 13. Check out our review of the laptop here. The new touchscreen display of the Dell XPS 13 will definitely excited Windows 10 fans; the hybrid XPS 13 can also convert into a Windows 10 tablet. Apart from Dell, Lenovo is also reported to introduce some new hybrid laptops in CES 2017. 

Apart from some new laptops, we also have some robot vacuum cleaners in the mix. LG, known more for their smartphones and television sets, are set to unveil a line of AI controlled robot cleaners in CES, to compete with Samsung’s AI controlled bots. The LG HOM-BOT, set to be unveiled in CES 2017, can be controlled via smartphones or thru the various smart home speakers available today.

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