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Child Sees his ‘Grown-up’ Doodle Face in Mirror; His Reaction is too Funny

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child with a 'grown-up' doodle face

Remember how we all played make-believe games as kids and how we all wanted to grow up soon. But this child with a ‘grown-up’ doodle face does not seem to be impressed with his grown up look. A video was posted on Facebook on October 10 and with 11 millions views, it went viral.

All kids imitate their parents and teachers, they try to dress-up like them and pretend to carry out similar activities in their games. To them adulthood is fun, to adults childhood is fun.

In this recently shared video, we see a child with a ‘grown-up’ doodle face, a thick beard and mustache. His mother is recording his video and asks him to go see his face in the mirror. The reaction he gives is totally adorable.

Child with grown-up doodle face: Viral Video

The boy does not seem to be happy with the doodle on his face and cried to see it in the mirror. He starts crying hysterically as he again looks into the mirror.

With 11 millions views and 87 thousand shares, the video becomes a must watch for everyone. Around 36 thousand Facebook users commented on the video and shared their views on the child’s reaction.

Some looked upset with the fact that his mother was laughing while the kid was crying badly. One user commented: “Boolshit if ur Child cries of sadness you dont laugh…pobresito with that mum”

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Some mothers wanted to try this on their son and some tagged their friends. “His/Her Expression was Ultimate Watching several More Times.” Other user commented: “I cried lol I’m going to do that on my son.”

Other Viral Videos

No wonder the internet is a crazy place, anything can go viral and intrigue millions of people within a few seconds. How can we forget the famous Pen Pineapple Apple Pen video! What was it if not the magic of internet.

A user posts something funny or interesting and it reaches millions of people within a few seconds. Lately, there have been so many videos on kids and their cute reactions.

Other viral videos include a similar Facebook post where a father looks to put his son in danger. The little boy was seen playing with fire and dangerous weapons, he walked on the edge of a skyscraper and did all the dangerous stunts that no one can’t imagine even in their wildest dreams. The video received millions of views and became a craze among parents who wanted to do similar animation with their kids.

Recently, Internet went crazy about Huntsman Spider Eating Mouse Video in Australia. The 20 second video was recorded in Australia’s Queensland and it showed a huge huntsman spider carrying a dead mouse with the utmost ease and comfort.

What is the craziest thing that you have across on internet? What do you think about these funny and intriguing viral videos? How do you like child with a ‘grown-up’ doodle face? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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