Civ 6 Linux Release Date: Aspyr Media Confirms Start of Development

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Civ 6 Linux Release Date
Throwback to Civ 5. A player winning a game with XCOM. (Photo Source: Flickr/Mike Prosser)

Developers Aspyr Media confirmed on The Aspyr Blog that the Civ 6 Linux release date would come out soon. Considered by fans as the most requested game in the Linux community, developers finally release their official statement regarding Civ 6 on Linux. Three months have passed when developers released Civ 6 for Mac and Linux users would finally experience the game.

Firaxis Games first released Civ 6 for Microsoft Windows and it took only days before they released it for Mac. Since then, Linux users have asked Aspyr Media for one that can run on their operating system. Aspyr Media would then take charge of the game’s development for the Linux operating system.

Since the game’s release on October 21, 2016, Civ 6 already received “The Game Award for Best Strategy Game.” Fans consider Civ 6 as one of the must-play games of 2016 for those who like strategy-based games. Aspyr Media Vice President of Publishing Elizabeth Howard said on the blog that they have received gifts from fans.

Civ 6 Linux Release Date: Linux Gifts

Aspyr Media received 12 dozen of warm chocolate and squishy Linux penguin toys for the entire office. The gifts that were given to them certainly got them hyped for the development of Civ 6 for the Linux operating system. Howard mentioned that people understate the company’s excitement about Civ 6 on Linux.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI or Civ 6 features city and civilization building where players have to manage their territories. Civ 6 includes expanded and flexible government system, detailed religion system, improved artificial intelligence, and Dynamic Diplomacy.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI sold at least 37 million units and the game’s popularity rises despite months of release. Developer Aspyr Media has not given the exact Civ 6 Linux release date but fans expect the game version to come out in February 2017.

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