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Connect Gear S2 & S3 Smartwatches To Your iPhone With New iOS-App

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Samsung Gear iPhone App
Samsung wearables like this Samsung Gear S3 can now be used with the iPhone and iPad. Image Source:

Samsung made an important announcement before the end of CES 2017. The Korean tech giant finally launched a suite of iOS apps for their Gear accessories. This means that iPhone users can now use the Samsung Gear S2, S3 smartwatches, and the Gear Fit 2 fitness watch.

Before this, the Samsung Gear accessories were only compatible with Android OS devices. The Gear app will allow iOS users to install applications to the smartwatches, send notifications from their iOS device to the smartwatch, and sync one’s fitness data via the S Health app.

The iOS support is a long time coming. Samsung initially announced that the Gear S3 will support iPhone compatibility in August. It took the company five months to create an application for the iOS. Does this mean that Samsung will now readily support inter-OS compatibility in their other products? What can iOS users look forward to in their new Samsung smartwatches?  Read on.

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How to use the Samsung Gear iPhone app

Samsung smartwatches are all powered by the company’s own proprietary mobile OS, Tizen. This unique quality of Samsung wearables makes this iOS compatibility possible. If the Gear S3 or Gear S2 was powered by the rival Android Wear, then we can forget about this iOS app.

Using the Samsung Gear iPhone app is easy. Users simply download the app from the Apple App Store, install the software to their iPhone or iPad, and then follow the on-screen instruction to pair the devices.

The Gear app is compatible with all iPhone models starting with the iPhone 5 all the way to the newest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. iPads from the second generation all the way up to the latest models are compatible with the Gear iOS app.

iPhone users can use all the features of the Gear wearables. The gear app, users can take advantage of the fitness tracking abilities of the Gear S2, Gear S3, and Gear Fit 2. Check out the official Samsung Launch film for the Gear S3 below:

Source: Youtube / Samsung Mobile

The Gear iPhone app supports calorie counting, heart rate measurements, distance traveled, and keeping track of travel routes thru GPS. The Gear S3 garnered positive reviews last year, especially for its IP68 water resistance and excellent GPS and cellular connectivity. However, reviewers criticized the Tizen OS, which is rather limited than the more ubiquitous Android Wear OS.

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