Cool Dad Puts Son In Extremely Dangerous Situations

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Facebook keeps bringing fun and weird things to users every now and then. Recently a video showing a dad putting his son in danger went viral on Facebook. Thousands of people viewed, shared and commented in response. However, the video does evoke a number of questions to every sensible mind! How fair is it to put a kid in extreme situations? Is it really cool to let your child go through danger? What kind of a training is it and what are its repercussions?

Every heart wrenched and panicked while watching that small kid doing dangerous stunts. The kids looks extremely confident but does he know that one wrong step can put his life in danger? He can be seen playing with fire and dangerous weapons, he walks on the edge of a skyscraper and does all the stunts that you can’t imagine even in your wildest dreams. In this story, we will bring the truth out to help you all know the reality behind the viral video.


Thousands of users commented on the video and expressed their shock and dismay. “…omg what a bad parent. He put his child in danger and should’ve been watching him. What if he fell in a gorilla cage too,” one user wrote.

The other user was alarmed and wrote: “look at this f*cking kid all by himself driving that ship in that storm! where are his parents? and by the way he’s driving the ship obviously no one taught him how to. This is awful, I blame the parents. and when this little boy is found dead who knows how many ships people will kill in retaliation.”

And what kind of parent would let their kid hang off the edge of a skyscraper?? Smh, that dad should be in jail!, another user said.

You can watch the video here:



In the video a kid of about 7-8 years is seen doing dangerous stunts. He drives a ship in heavy storm and hangs off the edge of a skyscraper. The kid even fights fire and walks across a bridge that breaks rapidly. He even shoots the portal and does it all with immense confidence.

Does your heart break at the thought of such extreme stunts which even an adult won’t go through? Well then, take a deep breathe and have a good laugh because what you just watched was just a product of modern techniques, creativity and special effects to make that wild imagination look like a reality.

Just like some users pointed out in the comment section of the video, it was a play of special effects just like what you watch in movies. Not everything is real in reel life but it does amuse us all. Many parents and grandparents even wished to see their kid go through the same in reel of course. Simply because they feel it will be fun to watch their kid be a part of such remarkable use of special effects.

What are your thoughts about this viral video? Let us know what you think and stay tuned to TechPLZ for more updates.

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