Dell XPS 13 Revealed: New Edgeless Laptop Is Hottest Item At CES 2017

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Dell XPS 13

The biggest tech show of the year is revealing an updated version of the most popular Windows laptop of 2016, the Dell XPS 13. Dell has just revealed a hybrid 2-in-1 version of the XPS 13, and the device will make its debut at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

The Dell XPS 13 was the poster boy of Windows 10 laptops last 2016; the laptop had an excellent, clean design, a comfortable keyboard, powerful specs, and a fantastic, near bezel-less display. Little wonder Dell decided to expand the product line into the hybrid PC arena.

The Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 variant has the familiar 360° hinge of convertible laptops, like the one in the HP Spectre x360. The new variant will be giving the XPS 13 the one feature fans have been longing for since last year: a touch screen display.

How different is the new Dell XPS 13 2-in-1? And did the new version make some compromises when it made the transition into a hybrid laptop? Read on.Dell XPS 15 Leak

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New Dell XPS 13 has weaker Intel Core M processors

The new hybrid laptop’s unveiling in CES 2017 was met with much fanfare; the XPS line of laptops had a lot of fans. The Dell XPS line was deemed by many tech commentators as the perfect laptop, and apart from the 13-inch version, it also has a 15-inch variant; for those who need a bigger display. What’s noticeably missing in the lineup is a touchscreen convertible variant, which is now being rectified by the XPS 13 hybrid.

The new laptop looks almost exactly the same as the normal clamshell XPS 13. The new hybrid laptop’s most noticeable difference is the new 360° hinge, along with its slimmer, more svelte exterior design. When you open the laptop, the familiar InfinityEdge display, with its 5.2mm bordered display, greets you. This time, the display is touch screen enabled, which gives the new laptop the ability to convert into a Windows tablet when the display is opened all the way to its back.

However, In order to make this new form factor, Dell had to make some compromises. In order to create a thin and more mobile form factor, Dell sacrificed some ports; similar to the ports sacrificed in the 12-inch Retina Macbooks and the recently released MAcbook Pros.

The new Dell XPS 13 hybrid has only two USB Type-C ports, one can handle charging and data transfers, while the other is Thunderbolt 3 compatible. Compare this to the normal clamshell Dell XPS 13 that has a full SD card slot, one normal USB A ports, and one USB Type-C port. The new XPS 13 hybrid has an SD card, but it’s only for mini-SD cards.

Another hardware sacrificed for the sake of the new design is the use of the slower, low-powered Kaby Lake Intel Core M processors. They are fan-less and consume less power, but decidedly less powerful than the normal Core i5 or Core i7 processors. The new hybrid laptop is reported to start at $999, and will be available for purchase later this month.

How will the new Dell XPS 13 hybrid perform in real world tests? Stay tuned to find out.

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