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Dell XPS 27 Has 10 Speakers & 4K Screens With Or Without Touch

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dell xps 27
Dell incorporates 10 speakers and a 4K display inside its new XPS 27 all-in-one PC. (Screenshot from YouTube/Ars Technica Videos)

Dell introduced a monster all-in-one computer at the CES 2017 that aims to suit the needs of an entire family. Called the Dell XPS 27, the 2017 device quite resembles a 27-inch iMac at a glance. But the Texas-based company squeezed a 4K display and ten speakers into it, making it unique from its competitor.


The company’s new XPS 27 all-in-one machine takes its audio setup very seriously. It features audio chops that make it the most sophisticated audio system built into a PC. These include four full-range drivers, two high-note tweeters, a few passive radiators for deeper bass and two down-firing speakers for fill-sound.

Display-wise, the computer boasts a bright, 17-inch 3840 x 2160 display with 100-percent Adobe RGB colorspace, available in both touch and non-touch configurations. According to Engadget, a 6th generation Intel core i7-6700 or i5-6400 CPU and optional AMD R9 M470X and M485X GRAPHICS will power the device. It is paired with up to 32GB of RAM and as much as 2TB of HDD storage. Users also have a 1TB option should they prefer solid state drives.

dell xps 27

The machine features dynamic amplifiers, four full range drivers, two passive radiators, and two tweeters that produce accurate, crisp highs and vocals. (Screenshot from YouTube/Ars Technica Videos)

Dell’s monster machine has quite a lot of ports too. It houses five USB plugs, HDMI out, USB type-C and an ethernet port. While its audio specs make it seems like it’s built for artists, Ars Technica notes the XPS 27 is a PC the entire family can use as well.

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It has an IR camera for Windows Hello biometrics which lets you sign in only through sitting in front of the device and waiting for it to recognize your face. This means family members can sign in easily, without the need to remember specific passwords.


Its exterior is another striking thing about the Dell XPS 27 (2017).  It’s made of machined aluminum, a big upgrade from the hard plastic on last year’s modeled. Similar to the XPS 27 Touch, the touchscreen model also boasts a fully articulated, dual-hinge stand that allows both height and pitch adjustments.

Dell has also improved its sturdiness which Digital Trends says should fix its predecessor’s tendency to wobble when touched or tapped. Its screen reportedly stood its ground when the site took it for a brief test drive.

Unfortunately, its upgraded sound system came at a cost in its thinness and lightness. It is around two inches thicker than the XPS 27 Touch (3.16 inches vs 1.25 inches) and nearly 3 pounds heavier (38.2 pounds vs 35.3 pounds).

dell xps 27

Dell improved its sturdiness which should fix its predecessor’s tendency to wobble when touched or tapped (Screenshot from YouTube/Ars Technica Videos)

The price of the new Dell XPS 27 (2017) starts at $1,499 with the initial processor choices being 6th Generation Core i5 and i7 processors (Skylake). Replacing the XPS 27 Touch, the 2017 version has gone on sale since Thursday, January 5.

What do you think of Dell’s new all-in-one PC? Does it have the potential to beat competitors like Apple’s iMac and Microsoft’s Surface Studio in terms of sales? Voice out your thoughts in the comment box below.

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