Disney Develops Wireless Charging Room – Everything You Need To Know

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PHOTOGRAPH: YouTube/ADDYOLOGY | Researchers from Disney created a wireless charging technology that allows mobile devices to begin charging as soon as you enter a room.

While it’s best known for producing family-friendly films like Moana, Disney has recently been trying its hand in the tech industry as well. And its latest invention is a technology that wirelessly powers any device.

However, unlike any wireless power transfer solution out in the market today, the House of Mouse’s does not require you to prop your phone in a dock or pad. Instead, you just need to enter a room and your worries of having a dead phone are no more.

A team of researchers from Disney has successfully figured a method to deliver free-roaming wireless power to devices that normally need to be plugged in. Created by Matthew Chabalko, Mohsen Shahmohammadi, and Alanson Sample, here’s everything you need to know about the so-called Disney Wireless Charging Room:

How It Works

To start, the researchers built a room that has aluminum panel floor, walls, and ceiling. Per Ars Technica, they placed a large copper pipe sitting with capacitors in the middle of the room to create an electromagnetic field. These capacitors regulate the electromagnetic frequency.

Through this structure, electricity can continuously run through a loop, creating a “magnetic field” that could “deliver kilowatts of power,” also known as quasistatic cavity resonance (QSCR). As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to do anything, save from entering the room, for your phone to start charging.

The inventors claim the efficiency of the system falls between 40 to 95 percent depending on the position. But the room pumps up about 1900 watts before the specific absorption rate (SAR). This is a measure of how much energy a human body can absorb before it becomes dangerous.

Is It Safe?

TechnoBuffalo reports researchers have transmitted 1.9 kilowatts of electricity without adversely affecting humans. The said amount of electricity could power over 300 USB-powered devices. If you own two phones and a tablet, that’s reportedly more than power.

However, there are still red flags about the wireless charging room. Researchers say anyone should stand beyond 46 centimeters from the copper pole. Standing closer than that can be hazardous. Although a more reactive system and some tweaks on the interior design should resolve this problem.

You shouldn’t pump more power into the room as well if there’s no need for it. Basically, you only can put in 1900 watts of wireless power if there are devices in the room that are receiving and using about the same amount. You can safely beam 100 watts of power continuously. But a smarter system is required for any amount beyond that.

The Disney wireless charging room is just a prototype for now. The researchers have not provided any word if or when they’ll make this technology available to the general public.

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