“Dragon Ball Super” episode 53: Air Date And Spoilers

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Dragon Ball Super episode 53
Dragon Ball Super episode 53 spoilers

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 53 airs July 31, 2016 on Fuji TV. The upcoming episode “Reveal Black’s True Identity Now! to the Kaioshin Realm of Universe 10” is popular among the spoiler news.

When episode 52 of “Dragon Ball Super” ended, Goku, Beerus and Whis were on the way to Universe 10. The title suggests that they will be visiting Kaioshin in the next episode. Spoilers of “Dragon Ball Super” episode 53 indicate that in an upcoming episode Goku will meet Zamasu in universe 10.

According to ANN, Goku will challenge the powers of Zamasu and as a result he will come to know that Zamasu has the same ki as Black Goku. Zamasu will help Goku to prepare for an ultimate battle with Black Goku. It is expected that Zamasu  will be play key role to kill Black Goku. ANN’s theory is based on a YouTube teaser of “Dragon Ball Super” episode 53.

The caption of video reads “After realizing that Black has the same ki as Zamasu, Universe 10’s apprentice Kaioshin, the God of Destruction Beerus and his attendant Whis head to Universe 10 together with Goku. In order to verify his ki, Goku challenges Zamasu (who distrusts humanity) to a battle, but…”

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However, reports have not confirmed when the ultimate fight between Goku and Black Goku will happen. The Players will have to wait for an ultimate battle as it is reported that the creators have planned 72 episodes of “Dragon Ball Super”. It is obvious that the creators will reserve the big fight for the last episode.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors that anyone of the three, namely Vegeta, Future Trunks or Gohan, could defeat Black Goku in the final combat. All of them could unite to fight against Black Goku.

Goku and Vegeta

On the other hand, Black Goku now wants to know more about the Super Saiyan to make himself stronger. However, nothing is certain at the moment, viewers have to wait for the next episode. “Dragon Ball Super” episode 53 will put some light on the story.

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