E3 2017 Tickets Price: Organizers Allocate 15,000 Slots For Public

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E3 2017 Tickets
PHOTOGRAPH: Vimeo/ E3 | Officially highlights footage from E3 2016.

Entertainment Software Association has announced today that they will open the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) to the public. According to Gamespot, Entertainment Software Association will allocate 15,000 tickets for everyone to attend E3 2017. People can start purchasing E3 2017 tickets on Feb. 13, 2017, until the supplies last.

Considering the number of requests that the public has expressed to make E3 public, tickets might go out fast. Entertainment Software Association will price the ticket at US$250 for the three-day event on June 13 to June 15, 2017. People can buy the ticket for US$150 if they purchase it during the early bird discount sale on Feb. 13.

The E3 2017 ticket will provide access to show floors, panel discussions, and other events during the convention. Entertainment Software Association, partnered with Geoff Keighley, will provide special access to benefits to all those attending E3. They will announce more details about the other events that they will hold during E3.

E3 2017 Tickets: Result Of Successful Experiment

Entertainment Software Association decided to open E3 to the public since their experiment last year showed overwhelming results. They held the E3 Live Event 2015 outside the site of the main E3 where people attended for free. Outside the Los Angeles Convention Center, Entertainment Software Association allowed fans to try out most games featured for E3.

Entertainment Software Association Senior Vice-President of Communication Rich Taylor told Gamespot that there was “incredible attendee enthusiasm” for the event. Most feedbacks from the fans include that they want to play all the games featured inside the convention. Furthermore, those exhibiting their games want fans to gain access inside so they could play their games.

Since it would look like a win-win situation for both the fans and the exhibitors, Entertainment Software Association decided to bring the two together. Another reason might be because other gaming conventions like Gamescom and PAX have their doors open to everyone. This makes the battle for high ratings difficult for E3 since only selected people would have access back then.

Aside from the tickets which give normal passes, Entertainment Software Association will also release business passes for lawyers, analysts, executives, and advertisers. Business passes will grant people access to business lounges, preferred entry to the convention center, and others. Entertainment Software Association has not yet announced the line-ups for this year’s E3 but they might soon make the announcement at the official E3 website.

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