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Facebook Fake News 2017: Germany to Fine Social Media Allowing Publication of Fake News

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Facebook is already taking a stand against fake news by not allowing users to post them and by filtering them accordingly. Although the most popular social media is already doing ways to prevent them, there might be Facebook fake news 2017 that might not be detected and might still be seen in social media.

To ensure that no Facebook fake news 2017 makes it on any social media, reports say the government of Germany would be imposing a law that would fine Facebook, or any social media, that would allow fake news to be published within days.

The Government of Germany would impose a fine of 500,000 euros or at least US$522,000 to every social media that would not delete fake news that are posted within their site. The fine of 500,000 euros or at least US$522,000 would be imposed each day the fake news is left published.

The German Government would consider the bill next year and it has a huge chance of being passed. The bill imposing fine to social medias that would do no action against fake news have the majority support of the Bipartisan party.

The bill would not only impost an abovementioned fine but it will also allow both official and private individuals to flag a content and consider it as a fake news. This most likely serve as a way for people to send out a complaint regarding a particular published post.

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Facebook Fake News 2017: Flagged Posts

Once flagged as a fake news, the reported post might be subjected to an investigation to ensure that the flagged post can be considered as a fake news. The proposed bill aims to direct the complaint to the social media containing the investigated fake news that should act within 24 hours of being notified.

Once the social media does not act within 24 hours from the notice of the complaint, they would have to pay the fine indicated in the proposed bill for each day the fake news is left untouched. The proposed bill would also enforce in-country officers that would focus and would have the responsibility of taking the authority regarding fake news in social media.

The government of Germany believes that imposing a law which would target Facebook fake news 2017 would solve other issues as well. Issues that include slander criminal cases, online hacking instances, and others. It also intended to ensure that known social media sites such as Facebook would make sure that it would take the responsibility to ensure the removal of fake news.

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