Fairy Tail Chapter 506 Spoilers: Mavis May Decide To Avenge Makarov’s Death

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Tail Chapter 505 saw the death of one fan favorite character, Makarov, who decided to use his Fairy Law Spell. While the spell did work wonders for his little brats, Makarov’s body could not endure the pain and as a result, he died. Chapter 506 is expected to be more intense and dramatic as the fight will grow fierce after the death of an important character.

The next chapter is expected to see a fierce fight between two former friends and the broken bonds will see more pain and damage. Before we jump onto the spoilers and speculations, let’s have a quick recap of the previous episode.

We saw a continuous altercation between Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster in the opening of Fairy Tail Chapter 505. One of the first Guild Masters, Makarov Dreyar uses the Fairy Law to destroy the army and save the Guild. The law can be used to destroy anyone who tries to harm members of the guild. It also reduces the lifespan of its user and the length depends on the number of persons eradicated by the spell. As the dust settled, Makarov was seen dead.


Chapter 506 of Fairy Tail is titled as Broken Bonds and fans are excited to know whose bonds will break in the upcoming chapter. Spoilers reveal that a showdown between Irene and Mavis is possible in the upcoming chapter.

In the previous chapter Makarov killed the entire army with his Fairy Law Spell and and now they have no minions left. Though fans will definitely want Makarov to be back, the chances of his survival are slim.

A fight between Gray and Natsu is also expected to resume in the upcoming chapter. In fact, the focus might shift from Mavis and Irene to former friends Natsu, now E.N.D and Gray. Naturally, the speculation is arising from the title of the chapter which suggests that it will focus on broken bonds.

Mavis is expected to avenge Makarov’s death and fight against Eileen with rage. The event might as well make Natsu and Gray realize that their fight is nonsense as compared to the loss.

Will former friends Natsu and Gray realize that their fight is nonsense? Will Mavis succeed in avenging  Makarov’s passing by defeating Eileen? Share your views with us in the comment box below and stay tuned to TechPLZ.

Fairy Tail Chapter 506 will release sometime next week.

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