Final Fantasy XV Glitch Allows Players to Roam Unused Parts of Niflheim

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Final Fantasy XV Glitch
Noctis rides a Chocobo while adventuring in Final Fantasy XV. (Photo Source: Flickr/BagoGames)

Players discovered the Final Fantasy XV glitch that allowed them to go to unexplorable areas in the world of Niflheim. The game pretty much features the open-world environment of Niflheim where players can go any passable area they want. However, the glitch changed all that and gave them the chance to proceed to locked areas.

The Fotm Hero YouTube Channel discovered the Final Fantasy XV glitch that gave him the opportunity to explore all of Niflheim. The player managed to go to places such as Cartanica and Tenebrae which the game did not allow before. As seen in the video, the Fotm Hero also discovered new beaches, large towns, savannah, frozen tundra, and more.

Players can do nothing yet in the discovered area since developers did not intend for players to get in it. Final Fantasy XV fans think that developers Square Enix intend to use the area of the game’s upcoming DLC. Another user, Caelum Rabanastre XII/XV, showed how to get out of the barriers to explore these areas.

Final Fantasy XV Glitch: How to Get Out of Bounds

The Caelum Rabanastre XII/XV YouTube Channel has uploaded the tutorial on how to get out of the map. Getting out of the map would allow players to encounter the glitch and travel the entirety of Nilfheim. However, players need the physical copy of Final Fantasy XV and downgrade the game to the base version.

Players would have to disconnect their PlayStation 4 from the internet but they have to make sure to backup their saves just in case it deletes their progress. In Cantanica, players would find the cabin with some crates behind. Keep jumping on the crates that would allow players to move to the cabin’s roof and proceed outside the map.

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