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Fitbit Ionic: No Need for a Smartwatch With This Fitness Tracker

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Fitbit Ionic
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The Fitbit Ionic is one fitness watch worth keeping an eye out for, especially with its plethora of features packed into such a compact body. Though Fitbit is more reputable for its line of fitness trackers, the Ionic is considered to be the company’s first true smartwatch. What makes it so special over other Fitbit products?

Fitbit Ionic: What You Need to Know

It’s worth noting that with the Ionic, Fitbit now has a true competitor against the Apple Watch. What differentiates the Ionic from other Fitbit products is its range of capabilities beyond simply being another fitness watch.

The Ionic comes with music streaming capabilities and features support for Bluetooth headphones. However, in order to store music into its 2.5GB on-board flash storage, tracks must be loaded into the Ionic, either through the computer, or syncing with Pandora.

The Ionic also comes with a variety of applications in the Fitbit App Gallery, such as Fitbit Wallet, Starbucks, The New York Times, and even Yelp. When it comes to third-party apps, however, Fitbit may need some improvements when it comes to support, as some apps may have a tendency to crash from time to time. Still, having several apps being easily accessible comes as a convenience, as there is quite a selection to choose from.

Though it lacks the Apple Watch’s OLED display, the Ionic boasts of a 306ppi, 1.42” LCD panel under a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen. Despite its added capabilities, the Ionic is still, in essence, a fitness watch at its very core.

That said, a lot of the Ionic’s foundations circulate around fitness functionality. This is what significantly differentiates itself from the Apple Watch. Besides boasting of on-board GPS functionality, the Ionic features heart rate monitors, water and food logging options, sleep tracking, call alerts, and altitude meters.

Sleep tracking with the Ionic is notable thanks to its impressive battery power. With four to five days of battery life, the Ionic blows the Apple Watch out of the water. Additionally, the Ionic also comes with two strap sizes: a small and a large. With this, the fitness watch can cater to a wider variety of wrist sizes.

Fitbit Ionic Price

At nearly $300, the Ionic may come off as a little too pricy for some. While the Ionic has its own pros and cons — especially when compared to other competitors in the market — there’s no denying that the device is a notable contender that can hold its own against other smartwatches. You can buy it here.

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