The Future of Gaming 2017: The Most Exciting News You Should Know

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When video games first became mainstream, many figured that it would stay as a basic form of entertainment. Flash forward to 2017 and many are debating that these forms of entertainment can be considered forms of art. Games like online roulette don’t compare to those that offer expansive worlds to explore, which has piqued the interest of many.

To this day, companies have found ways to make gaming more unique and groundbreaking than they once were. Virtual Reality is no longer a fantasy thanks to devices like the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, while the Nintendo Switch lets players switch between handheld and console gaming. It will be interesting to see what happens in the gaming industry field in the future, but it looks to be a bright and positive one.

More VR Possibilities?

Games like online roulette might always have their place, but it seems like VR is going to be part of the future. Learning from failures like Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, systems like the Oculus Rift have made gaming more immersive than ever before. Even the PlayStation VR has offered some really good experiences, like the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 7, which plays great in VR.

The industry has benefitted from VR, even though it is still in it’s early stages and currently doesn’t compare to regular game consoles. However, now that these systems have better games, it looks like the days of these becoming a simple gimmick are now over. We will have to see how these systems do in the future, since it could always go back to obscurity.

Handheld and Mobile Gaming

Sony might have given up on the Vita, but it seems like handheld gaming will still have a place in the future of games. The 3DS is doing well a shaky launch, though the Switch might replace it and mobile games are still a hot commodity. Pokemon GO is a prime example of this, setting the world on fire when it first launched.

While that fire was eventually put out, it proved that mobile gaming will continue to have a place in the industry, for better or worse. These type of games will always have a place, since they’re usually free and can help kill time. Some might dismiss it as “casual gaming,” but that’s hardly a bad thing if it gets attention.

The possibilities for games is huge and it will only keep on growing. Only time will tell if it becomes the biggest form of entertainment.

Online games for all

Of course, if you’re not a real gaming enthusiast, but still enjoy simple entertainment using your mobile or your computer, then games like online roulette might just offer the leisurely activity you need. Online roulette games play on our interest when it comes to personal luck, and really, it just feels exhilarating to be winning at something even if it is just gaming pasttimes like online roulette. These luck video games have improved interface and user experience that actually make playing this games quite addicting.

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