Grammys 2017: Frank Ocean’s Tumbler Rant Slams Awards & Taylor Swift

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Grammys 2017
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia | Frank Ocean, during one of his previous performances.

Frank Ocean has posted on Tumblr his response to Grammy Awards Producer Ken Ehrlich’s and Writer David Wild’s interview. Ehrlich and Wild discussed Ocean’s decision not to perform in Grammys 2017 and hinted his Grammys 2013 performance was the cause. Both Ehrlich and Wild called Ocean’s performance back then “faulty” and “not great TV” and the performance was criticized by many.

Ocean admits on his Tumblr post that he performed “absolute sh*t” at the Grammys 2013 because of technical difficulties, etc. Ocean defended himself and said that his previous performance did not cause his abstinence from this year. He said that if he felt that way, he would actually perform this in Grammys 2017 and would redeem himself.

Ocean wanted to participate in honoring Prince on the show but he figured that the best tribute would continue achieving and being successful. He learned that winning TV awards wasn’t a measure of his success. Ocean then criticized how Taylor Swift’s 1989 has defeated Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly calling it “hands down one of the most ‘faulty’ TV moments.”

Grammys 2017: No More Ocean Frank

Ocean sang Forrest Gump in his Grammys 2013 performance and it received several criticisms from his fans. He sang Forrest Gump in a different key because the performance suffered technical difficulties which made him hard to hear. Despite the technical difficulties, he continued with his performance and decided to stick with the key he first started with.

Fans defended him for doing so and mentioned that he usually changes the keys to his song in live performances. Although he went through the song perfectly, fans criticized that he remained flat through the entirety of it. Fans agreed with Ocean when he said he performed bad but they said that it was not highly noticeable.

Fans further defended his Grammys 2013 performance by saying that it is his first time performing at the Grammys. Compared to his other performances live, Ocean showed signs of nervousness and embarrassment at the Grammys. Ocean also got previously criticized for the song Forrest Gump, the one he sang during the Grammys performance.

People criticized the message behind the song since Ocean admits that the song points to his first male lover. People did not like the combination of his skin complexion and his gender issues so they criticized him for that. Meanwhile, other people thought that Forrest Gump told the movie’s story in Jenny’s perspective.

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