Greys Anatomy Season 13: Did Owen Hunt Confirm Cristina Yang’s Return?

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Greys Anatomy Season 13
PHOTOGRAPH: ABC | It seems Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) just hinted at Cristina Yang’s (Sandra Oh) return.

Greys Anatomy Season 13 got delayed due to a change in ABC scheduling. The new episode was to hit the screens on Thursday, Jan. 19 but it will now air on Jan. 26. While the plot and storyline remain a topic talk among Grey Anatomy viewers, the excitement about Christina Yang’s return is quite evident.

Fans have been speculating Yangs’ return for over an year now but the show-runners decided to stay mum on the rumors. However, Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) just hinted at Cristina Yang’s (Sandra Oh) return. He indicated that Owen and Amelia’s (Caterina Scorsone) romance may not last in the show.

McKidd spoke out about what’s coming in the remainder of season 13 and told TV Guide that the two characters could possibly split. If this happens, it would make perfect timing for Cristina to return to reclaim her former husband.

Greys Anatomy Season 13 Spoilers

Fans saw Amelia flea after the couple had a frank discussion about having kids. This seems to have irked Owen, who does not have any patience left for the lady. Owen’s character may not be able to forgive wife this time, as hinted by McKidd.

Talking about the relationship between Owen and Amelia, McKidd told that Owen can not always entertain Amelia’s plea. “There comes a time where enough’s enough,” McKidd notes. “She was almost a runaway bride at the wedding, and now she’s running again. … This kind of on-again-off-again thing can’t go on forever.”

McKidd’s hint that things may not be going smoothly for Owen and Amelia seems to indicate yang’s Return. When Grey’s picks back up on January 23, the couple may call for a split. Fans are now speculating that if the couple do split, Cristina could be on her way back.

Viewers have been asking the showrunner to bring Yang back and McKidd had hinted a possibility last year as well. He told DigitalSpy last year that she “might” come back. “I think she might eventually [return] for fun, for maybe a couple of episodes,” McKidd teased possible return of Sandra to Grey’s Anatomy last year.

After all these hints, it seems that the makers are indeed planning to bring Yang back to show. However, fans will have to wait for Greys Anatomy Season 13 to progress to know if it actually happens. Do you think Cristina Yang will return to the show? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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