Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Time & Spoilers: Alex Won’t Admit What He Did, DeLuca’s Condition Gets Worse

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Grey’s Anatomy will be making its return with Season 13 in ABC on September 22, 2016 at 8/7c Thursday night and it looks like fans have to worry about Alex Karev who had beaten Andrew DeLuca to a bloody pulp after walking in on him while he is helping Jo Wilson, who is really drunk and out of her clothes, without asking for an explanation.

In the teaser video for Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 released by ABC, Alex Karev was shown being worried as he received the report of Andrew DeLuca’s condition. Despite being told by Meredith Grey that the CT scans of DeLuca were clear, Alex was still worried that he might have caused damage that could lead to DeLuca’s death.

When asked to report the situation to the Police, Alex Karev declined and wants to talk to Andrew DeLuca before anything else. Alex asked Meredith to check personally the scans to make sure that DeLuca is fine. It seems that Alex is not planning on confessing what he did to DeLuca any time soon.

The teaser video ended with Alex Karev running into Ben Warren who knows that Alex is hiding the truth despite him being the one to bring Andrew DeLuca to the hospital. Ben noticed Alex’s bruised knuckles, bloody clothes, and obvious nervousness that made him suspicious.

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Ben Warren warns Alex Karev that Andrew DeLuca will be clearing everything out once the surgery is done and he regains consciousness. Alex Karev could be in a huge trouble if DeLuca spills everything out to the police but nothing is certain as anything can happen. Watch the teaser video below.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Will Knock Your Socks Off!

Grey’s Anatomy’s first episode for Season 13 will knock people’s socks off, take their breath away, and make them keep watching the show, according to Debbie Allen who directed the last episode of Season 12. Grey’s Anatomy fans are in it for a hot treat as Season 13 will be an exciting one.

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