Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer Feature Delay At Launch – Here’s Why

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Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer
PHOTOGRAPH: Xbox YouTube Channel | Players wouldn’t be able to try out their strategies against other players because of the delay.

Microsoft had just released Halo Wars 2 for the Xbox One and PC but it lacked one of its most anticipated features. Microsoft confirmed that they would delay Halo Wars 2 multiplayer instead of coming “shortly after launch.” Developers 343 Industries explained in their blog post that they intentionally delayed the said feature upon launch.

Developers had to delay the Halo Wars 2 multiplayer or “formal ranked competitive system” since having one would stress players. Developers believe that delaying the multiplayer feature would invite more people into playing the game. The temporary removal of the ranked feature would allow players to practice different strategies and tactics.

343 Industries also mentioned the possible balancing fixes they might apply into Halo Wars 2 after its launch. Players might discover bugs and glitches during the first few weeks of release and have those in ranked would ruin the gameplay. Developers would primarily focus on balancing different aspects of the game in order to make multiplayer a healthy environment.

Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer: Balancing Issues, Hot Fix & More

Developers told Gamespot that delaying the multiplayer feature would allow the development team to monitor and respond to balancing issues. Since players would then spend their time on practice or campaign, they might discover imbalanced things. 343 Industries mentioned that they can update discovered issues can with a hot fix that they can release anytime.

Developers also look to time ranked playlist and seasons with DLC releases since they cannot be released through a hot fix. The new season would include the reset and the introduction of new leaders in Halo Wars 2. According to developers, players should consider the introduction of the ranked system in multiplayer as its pre-season.

Microsoft made Halo Wars 2 as an Xbox Play Anywhere title both exclusively available on the Xbox One and PC. Xbox Play Anywhere title means that purchasing the game would give players free copies on both platforms. Players can also save their Halo Wars 2 achievements in both platforms allowing them to reach 100 percent faster.

Although Halo Wars 2 supports Xbox Play Anywhere, Microsoft did not allow for the cross-play between the two platforms. Players can enjoy the game with their Xbox Controllers on the Xbox One and a mouse and a keyboard on the PC. They can also choose to use the Xbox One Controllers on the PC by connecting it via Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows.

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