Here’s Why The Samsung Gear S3 Is The Best iPhone Companion

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Samsung Gear S3
The Samsung Gear S3 can now run on the iPhone. Image Source:

Samsung’s 2016 was a hard year. The Galaxy Note 7 debacle was a big embarrassment for the Korean tech giant. This year, the company has set their eyes on a comeback. With that in mind, say hello to the new Samsung Gear S3.

Critics are calling the new smartwatch, the best wrist-based gadget out there. The Gear S3 does not run on Android’s Android Wear OS or Apple’s watchOS. Instead, the smartwatch runs on Samsung’s proprietary Tizen operating system.

The Tizen operating system runs on Linux and is an open-source smartwatch operating system. The Gear S3’s main competitors run exclusively on the Android or Apple ecosystem. Samsung recently made a big decision in its Gear S3 lineup. The Korean company recently released an app that would allow iPhone users to use the new Samsung Gear S3.

Gear S3 can work on both mobile ecosystem

Last week, Samsung released an iOS app that will allow iPhone users to use the Tizen-based smartwatch. The move was positively received by many Apple users, especially those who want an alternative to the Apple Watch. The Samsung Gear S app affords iPhone users access to the older Samsung Gear S2 watches as well, according to Polygon.

Before the release of the iPhone Gear S app, the Gear S3 only works on devices that run the Android OS. Tech commentators agree that this move is a blatant action by Samsung to corner the smartwatch market and encroach on Apple territory.

This move is seen by some as a desperate move by Samsung to get more market share, especially after the whole exploding battery debacle last year. To be sure, Samsung is the only one positioned to do this whole iPhone compatibility game. The Gear S3 is the only top tier smartwatch in the market that runs on Tizen.

The vast bulk of smartwatches run on Android Wear and have no choice but to run almost exclusively on Android smartphones. Android Wear does have an iPhone app, but it is not as full-featured as the Android version, The Verge notes.

The Gear S3 has more nuanced features than the Apple Watch as well. It has a better heart rate sensor, a vibrant touchscreen, a more intuitive UI experience, and has a unique rotating bezel. Samsung has given iPhone users a powerful alternative to the Apple Watch, indeed.

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