Horizon Zero Dawn Ending Leaked Before Release

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Horizon Zero Dawn
Aloy, the main protagonist, stands in front of the world of Horizon Zero Dawn before proceeding. (Photo Source: Flickr/BagoGames)

The NGIN YouTube Channel might have leaked the Horizon Zero Dawn ending before its release. Sony has set the Horizon Zero Dawn’s release date on February 28, 2017 and spoilers already made their way online. Guerilla Games developed the upcoming action role-playing game exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

The video by NGIN YouTube Channel became unavailable hours after but they might set it to public again soon. Fans share more of the Horizon Zero Dawn’s ending leaks in the NeoGAF forum and most of them believe the leaks. The conclusion of the game shows a very unique story twist that players would not expect.

The alleged ending involves Aloy, the main character, discovering that the humans he encountered became bio-machines from the first cycle. The bio-machines came from the biomatter used to replicate which means the story revolves in the second cycle. The corruption mentioned in the game has no full explanation, it just happened in the Ancient ruins of civilization.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Eliminating Software

The twist in the Horizon Zero Dawn’s ending left Aloy to choose between which to eliminate, the robots or the bio-machines. Alay can shut down any of the two with the Zero Dawn software that allows for the elimination of either the robots or bio-machines. According to the leak, fans would take at least 20 hours to finish the entire gameplay.

Upon finishing the game, the level Zero Dawn unlocks which makes every robot corrupted. Fans would require 25 hours more, totaling to 45 hours, to achieve 100% completion of the game. Rumors show that developers plan no DLCs for the game. Developers might consider the sequel for Horizon Zero Dawn for the explanation of the corruption that came from the unknown source discovered in the Ancient Ruins.

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