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How To Delete Uber In 5 Steps

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how to delete uber
PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/ | If you’ve sworn off Uber, you can delete your account from the service.

From #NoBanNoWall to #LoveTrumpsHate and #NeverAgain, we’ve seen a series of powerful hashtags crop up on social media since President Donald Trump’s immigration orders. However, a more curious one has gained traction lately: #DeleteUber. The hashtag went viral in response to Uber allegedly taking advantage of a taxi strike.

After the controversial “Muslim Ban,” the New York Taxi Workers Alliance announced they would suspend services to and from JFK airport out of respect and solidarity. A statement on their Facebook page reads: “Drivers stand in solidarity with refugees coming to America in search of peace and safety and with those who are simply trying to return to their homes here in America after traveling abroad. We stand in solidarity with all of our peace-loving neighbors against this inhumane, cruel, and unconstitutional act of pure bigotry.”

The ride-hailing app, however, didn’t do the same. Instead, Uber announced it had disabled its ‘surge pricing’ and continued dispatching drivers to the airport—something users interpreted as capitalizing on the strike and the situation.

Pressure From The Muslim Ban

A lot of users have tweeted and searched about how to delete Uber since the surge pricing announcement. However, #DeleteUber did not only affect the users. It also forced something to change beyond the app.

Mashable reports the protest pushed CEO Travis Kalanick to resign from his position on a panel advising President Trump. In a statement, Kalanick detailed he informed the former business mogul that he is not joining his economic council. Apparently, many Uber users see his involvement with the administration as an act of endorsement of the president or his agenda. But he says, it has entirely been misunderstood.

Kalanick, a hardheaded objectivist, had ultimately given into the demands of his employees and customers. The boycott has so far, caused a mere 200,000 of the business’ 40 million global users to delete their accounts.

Users have tweeted and searched about how to delete Uber since the surge pricing announcement.

How To Delete Uber

Now, if you are participating in the recent #deleteUber protest, or you are simply unsatisfied with the ride-hailing service, you can delete your Uber account. But it won’t be as easy as uninstalling it from your smartphone as it does not erase your data from the service. This means doing so will still keep your account active.

There is a way, however, to manually your tracks from the app. Here are the steps to delete an Uber account, per CNET:

  1.  Visit the Uber support site.
  2. Login to your Uber account.
  3.  Type “yes” into the top field.
  4.  Indicate why you’re deleting your account in the body of the message. The site says this part is optional so it’s up to you to disclose the reason or not.
  5. Click ‘Submit.’

Once submitted, your Uber account is officially deleted. You have the option to uninstall the application right away or wait for the support team’s confirmation on your account deletion. Note, however, that despite your decision to part ways from the service, it still has your personal information.

Unfortunately, its Terms of Agreement states it will keep your data, including payment information until it decides it no longer needs it for business purposes. There’s no specification as to when that is but you can still contact the Uber support team to clarify that matter.

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