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Ikea Bluetooth Speakers Offer Portability With a Charming Aesthetic

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Ikea Bluetooth Speakers
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Furniture giant Ikea now offers more than just home fixtures. Recently, the company came out with its own line of Bluetooth speakers. This marks the company’s first foray into such a line of products. Here’s what you need to know about the Ikea Bluetooth speakers, from their design to their functionality.

What You Need to Know About the Ikea Bluetooth Speakers

Referred to as Eneby, the line of Ikea Bluetooth speakers comes in two variations: an 8×8-inch speaker and a larger 12×12-inch version. They are available in two colors (a black and a gray). As the smaller iteration of the speakers is the more compact of the two, it is thus intended to be the more portable option, especially as it comes with a handle. Users can additionally opt to add a battery pack, which will provide up to 10 hours of battery life.

Keeping up with the classic Ikea aesthetic, the speakers boast of a simplistic but sleek design. What makes them all the more interesting is that they are streamlined to fit with Ikea’s shelving units, thus providing seamless integration into already existing Ikea furniture. Though the speakers are designed to fit well with Ikea’s shelving units, this does not necessarily mean that the devices are incapable of being integrated into other styles and aesthetics. Their simple and classic look makes them easily universal for any style of home.

Other Features and Specs

The Ikea speakers come with a functionality that automatically switches the device off when not in use. This is so as to save energy when the speakers are idle. While they are Bluetooth devices, the Ikea Eneby Bluetooth speakers can also be used with gadgets that do not have Bluetooth functionality. This is thanks to its alternative connectivity option via 3.5mm auxiliary.

Price and Availability

According to reports, Ikea’s Eneby line is already available as of this April. The 12-inch iteration of the speakers will cost $89, whereas its smaller, 8-inch counterpart is priced at $49. On the other hand, the aforementioned battery pack costs $20. Meanwhile, a separate Eneby speaker stand can be purchased at $10. Reportedly, Ikea’s Bluetooth speakers cannot be purchased online. However, the speakers are allegedly in stock in most Ikea stores.

Ikea and Sonos

The idea of Ikea coming out with its own line of speakers may come as a surprise for some. However, it’s worth noting that Ikea has already begun its venture into audio products with Sonos. As previous reports divulged, Ikea formerly announced a collaboration with Sonos in order to expand and improve on its line of products. As to how this collaboration will take shape is still unknown, as fruits of the partnership will not manifest until at least 2019.

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