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Instagram Has 600M Monthly Users & Is THIS Close To Burying Snapchat

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The six year old social media app, Instagram, now has more than 600 million subscribers. Image Source: Flickr

Instagram pushed the boundaries of social media yet again. The popular photo sharing app has reached more than 600 million subscribers, proving that it is still the most popular social media app. Next only to Facebook, of course.

The social media platform doubled their numbers from the 300 million mark last 2014. What’s more impressive is that the last 100 million subscribers were just added six months ago. Verge reports that the extra 100 million subscribers joined the company because of the new feature called Instagram Stories. Critics called this new feature a near photocopy of Snapchat.

Nevertheless, the media-sharing platform is now positioned to overtake its bitter rival. Snapchat pushed back last year with its Spectacles, but is it enough to stop its competition? Read on.

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Snapchat Copied

The photo and video social media network marked its 6 year anniversary last October 2016, while Snapchat is a year younger. However, in recent years, Snapchat has been slowly overtaking Instagram. The image and multimedia sharing application enthralled the world with its self-deleting content. The “picaboo” style effect of the app lent a fun and whimsical nature to Snapchat, something that Instagram does not have.

They say that imitation is the best compliment. Well, the micro-media network paid Snapchat the biggest compliment by copying (almost to a T) Snapchats photo and sharing setup. The company launched the Instagram Stories feature six months ago, and as previously stated, the company subsequently gained 100 million more users since then.

Snapchat tried to fight back

Snapchat fights back with their cool new gadget, Spectacles. The funky designed eyewear records and instantly posts videos on your Snapchat account. The device was introduced 3 months ago and received glowing reviews from tech critics. Check out the Spectacles introductory video below:

Source: Youtube / Spectacles

The toy glasses managed to draw attention out from IG for a few moments, but the tech giant slowly regained its momentum, leading to this month;s proclamation of 600 million subscribers.

Stories offer too many new features and have improved upon Snapchat’s messaging app in almost every way. IG offers the ability to filter out mean and abusive words, gives users more control over their privacy, and has a live video function similar to Facebook Live.

Snapchat is dancing on a tightrope this year. Will it survive the onslaught of a combined IG and Facebook attack? Let’s wait and see.

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