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Instagram Live Video vs. Facebook Live: The Big Difference between these Sibling Apps

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Instagram Live Video vs. Facebook

Social media technology has grown leaps and bounds this year. Instagram and Facebook is at the forefront of social connectivity, and the two are at each other’s throats in developing and marketing their own brand of live video software. Instagram and Facebook belong to the same company, although they service different user needs in the social media world.

Instagram is more light, relaxed, and focused on creating stories with pictures, while Facebook  is more nuanced; a complete social media connectivity package. Instagram, being the younger brother of Facebook, is now following the footsteps of its older sibling by releasing a new feature: the Intagram Live.

How is the new Instagram Live different from Facebook’s own live video feature? Find out in our Instagram Live Video vs. Facebook Live smackdown.

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Instagram Live Video vs. Facebook: the key difference

Last Monday, Instagram announced that they will introduce a new live streaming feature for its app; a tool similar to Facebook Live, but simpler and more intuitive.Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Update

The key difference between the two is that the Instagram Live will not allow you to record or “archive” the footages for later viewing; much like on Snapchat.

Facebook Live allows users to save the videos for later viewing, while Instagram obviously wishes to compete with the rapidly growing user base of Snapchat. The time limited videos of Instagram will surely encourage users to post wacky and silly videos, making Instagram Live a decidedly youth oriented feature. Check out the official Facebook live page for comparison.

The new IntagramLive feature will steadily be rolled out in the US this month, with select users being able to use the feature late last November.

Instagram naturally faced criticism from Snapchat and some tech commentators for “copying” Snapchat’s video feature. Snapchat built their reputation on their quickly disappearing video sharing system.

Other features of Instagram Live include the ability to comment and add hearts to the video streams while watching; a similar feature taken from Facebook Live.

According to Instagram, they intend Instagram Live to be a way where people can “stay in the moment”, and share candid and unedited videos to friends and loved ones. “We thought it made sense to integrate live video into stories because that’s the space for ephemeral sharing on Instagram,” according to Instagram’s official blog post.

Lucky Instagram users with the Instagram Live feature can simply swipe right in the app and tap the “Start Live Video” button. Instagram Live can stream up to an hour’s length of live videos. Check out this video by CBS regarding the new Instagram Live:

Source: Youtube / CBS News

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