iPhone 8 Price Will Be The Same As MacBook At $1,000, Says Report

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iPhone 8 Price
PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr / pestoverde | The iPhone 8 will reportedly have a massive price increase. The upcoming smartphone will be priced like a laptop, at around $1000.

Apple will reportedly make history this year by selling the most expensive consumer smartphone ever. Renowned Apple tipster Ming-Chi Kuo broke the news recently on the internet. Kuo says that the iPhone 8 price will be over the $1,000 range.

This may not be so far-fetched since some of the current iPhone 7 variants are already priced at around $900. The iPhone 7 Plus is currently priced at $969. The model comes with the highest specs and storage option, of course.

For comparison, Apple’s new 12-inch Retina Macbooks are currently priced at $999. If Apple starts to price their smartphones above the $1,000 dollar line, then this spells a new age in premium smartphone valuation.

iPhone 8 Price: Why the price jump?

Kuo is blaming the alleged new wireless charging feature for the price increase of the iPhone 8. According to the tipster, the wireless charging device inside the iPhone gets incredibly hot. Apple had to add a graphite layer to protect the phone’s sensitive components.

The extra graphite layer, and all the other new tech like the 3D touch module, is the reason for the price increase. A report from FastCompany corroborates the alleged price increase. Tech commentators argue that Apple has been on a price increase mode since the release of the new Macbook Pros.

The price of the new MacBook Pros shocked Apple fans. The recent release also proved that Apple is not afraid to increase prices if their design and plans warrant it.

iPhone 8 Specs

The iPhone 8 will reportedly have an OLED display and will ditch the traditional LED screen. OLED technology is another expensive component. Canalys market researcher and analyst Daniel Matte said that the OLED displays will definitely be a factor in the price increase.

The OLED technology will give Apple the capability to build curved displays. The new technology will also give the iPhone display more vibrant colors and deeper blacks. The technology gave the Samsung Galaxy S7 line a definite edge over the iPhone in terms of display technology.

The curved displays will also mean that the iPhone will ditch its aluminum backing, and return to the glass design similar to the iPhone 4S. The glass backing also makes wireless charging possible. Conductive wireless charging cannot work with metallic cases.

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