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iPhone X 2017: Apple Might Drop Wireless Charging After All

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iPhone X 2017
Will the iPhone X 2017 feature wireless charging? (Photo credit: Twitter/@iFenixx)

The iPhone X 2017 may come this September to celebrate Apple’s 10th anniversary. Also known as iPhone 8, the handset sports a new design and an improved dual camera set-up. It seems like Samsung Galaxy S8 has some serious competition on the way.

Nonetheless, the next iPhone flagship may ditch the idea of wireless charging. Why? Read on to find out.

iPhone X 2017 charger: Intriguing choice

Forbes latest news says that the idea of wireless charging over an air gap is unlikely to happen. Will Apple go with the standards used by rival companies or will it build its own customer base? It looks like the company is choosing the latter option.

In fact, it has done the same with the iconic 3.5mm headphone jack. The feature is quite standard even at the time of the Sony Walkman. The sole reason that it was already common urged Apple to do otherwise. So, it threw out the jack with the iPhone 7 and installed a wireless alternative.

While the AirPods are not “locked” to Apple products, it was a smartphone breakthrough. For the record, the AirPods can easily be used with Android gadgets.

Apparently, a lot of fans prefer the similar approach with iPhone 8. The handset must be delivered in a way only Apple can. Thus, the tech mogul might use the Qi standard chargers. For one thing, a significant number of people in the market already use the Qi charging pads.

Stunning look of the iPhone X 2017

According to Express UK, Apple deliberately introduces an all-new all-glass design. It comes with a curved OLED display and an interesting facial recognition.

As usual, the Cupertino organization throws the physical Home Button in front. The elimination of this feature permits iPhones to showcase a full single sheet of glass. All of the necessary buttons sit on the home screen.

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities reveals that iPhone X boasts no bezels around the display. Instead, it bleeds at the corners of the device, much like the Apple Watch. As respect to previous iPhones, the X model thrives with rounded corners too. On the other hand, it has a glossy, curved rear outer shell.

The back is actually made of glass similar to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Nevertheless, the designers kept the side-mounted power button. It has not restored the 3.5mm headphone jack either.

Are you excited for the release of iPhone 8? Do you think Samsung can dethrone Apple in the world’s tech race?

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