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JBL Link 300 Speakers Give the Apple HomePod a Run for Its Money

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JBL Link 300

Products that can hold their own against the ever popular Apple HomePod continue to crop up left and right. This time around, a new competitor joins the arena in the form of the JBL Link 300. In contrast to the HomePod, JBL’s Link 300 is not only portable, it also boasts of Google Assistant support.

JBL Link 300: What You Need to Know

The Link 300 is part of JBL’s Link line which boasts of commendable bass and warm tonal balance. Although smaller than the Link 500, the Link 300 packs quite the punch as it is able to deliver rather loud audio despite its size. It may not sound as good as the Google Home Max, but it is still capable of reaching a rather high volume range.

Notably, the Link 300 features voice recognition thanks to the integration of Google Assistant into the smart speaker. This makes it yet another competitor to the Apple HomePod, which is powered by the Siri smart assistant. Though it offers the use of voice commands, the Link 300 does not take away the option to retain physical buttons. Some may deem this to be unnecessary, but there’s no denying that this sets the Link 300 apart from the rest thanks to the aforementioned minor but convenient feature. Voice controls can be inconsistent sometimes, so it’s nice to have physical controls as an easy alternative to turn to.

As it is part of JBL’s Link Line, the Link 300 is also equipped with Google Chromecast. This means that it is able to sync with not just other Link speakers, but other Chromecast-based audio devices as well. This provides the option to create a multi-room audio setup through the use of a Wi-Fi network.

The speaker’s power supply is a tad bulky, so this is one factor that should be taken note of. However, this at least makes the power supply easier to plug into a wall as it does not take up several power outlets. Additionally, while it is still a commendable addition to the world of smart speakers, the Link 300 is not the best when it comes to voice recognition. This is especially when it is compared to the Apple HomePod.

Regardless, JBL’s Link 300 makes for a great option if you’re on the market for some good speakers, especially with its price tag. The Link 300 is loud, boasts of some impressive bass, and the inclusion of physical controls makes it all the more convenient.

Price and Availability

The JBL Link 300 is priced at $249.95. It is available on JBL’s website.

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