Kodak Super 8 Camera Brings Back Retro Touch of Filmmaking

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Kodak Super 8

Film clearly isn’t dead, especially if Kodak has anything to say about it. Most recently, the company released a video showing off footage from the new Kodak Super 8 film camera. Here’s what you need to know.

What is the Kodak Super 8?

Basically, Kodak’s Super 8 is a camera that allows users to capture videos via film. This is a clear breakaway from today’s technology that typically utilizes digital video. However, it’s not without its own market. Other companies, such as Fujifilm and Polaroid, continue to cater to film aficionados with their line of products. Kodak now joins the bandwagon by bringing back their beloved Super 8 — with a few tweaks to boot.

The Super 8 reel released by Kodak is a compilation of footage shot by several cinematographers and fashion photographers. It showcases the dynamic and versatility that the camera offers across a plethora of genres and settings. Furthermore, it provides a glimpse into what film footage will look like when captured via the Super 8. As the footage shows, videos will come with the grainy, out of focus look that is typical to older cameras from back in the day.

As Kodak explains, feedback was given regarding the device’s overall usability and image quality. With this, future users may expect even more improvements prior to the camera’s release.


Designed by Yves Behar, the Super 8 sports C-mount lens support and variable speed control. Additionally, it also has a 3.5-inch LCD. This is a feature that may be interesting to some, as it provides easier viewing access to footage whilst filming as opposed to the original Super 8’s small eye piece.

Kodak claims that the Super 8 will be as easy to navigate as any other DLSR camera in the market today. Ultimately, it gives younger filmmakers easier access to vintage-like equipment that aren’t as easily attainable as more mainstream tools in the industry. The Kodak Super 8 thus marries both digital and analog, giving filmmakers more flexibility and versatility in their work.


Notably, the price of the Super 8 is what many are now criticizing. At a price range of about $2,500 to $3,000, the camera comes at quite the steep cost. Seeing as the Super 8’s “effects” — that is, its similarities to the retro aesthetic of vintage cameras — aren’t exactly for everyone, the projected price tag may be off-putting to some. This is especially considering that genuine vintage cameras, albeit at secondhand, can be found online at much more affordable prices.

The Kodak Super 8 is slated to see a release sometime in 2018.

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