League of Legends Releases Teaser for New Warwick Rework 2017

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Warwick Rework 2017
Warwick rework 2017 shows the beast with new mechanism on its back. (Photo Source: Screen grabbed from League of Legends YouTube Channel)

Riot Games, developer of League of Legends, released the teaser for the upcoming Warwick rework 2017. They uploaded the teaser in the official League of Legends YouTube channel where the Wrath of Zaun has shown some of its possible new moves. Players appeared hyped for the rework since Riot Games confirmed the rework back in 2016.

The teaser starts with two people, Boggin and Fleg, running away from something. Boggin shows no fear as he calmly runs away from the entity that chases them. Meanwhile, Fleg panics and shows confusion since he does not know where to go.

Boggin, at first, leads the escape and shoots back at the entity chasing them. Fleg cowardly follows and sees the pod they need to get in to get out of that predicament. Both hear relentless howls being made by the creature, that creature known as Warwick.

Fleg reaches the pod first but decides to abandon Boggin and closes the door before Boggin gets inside. Boggin does not make it and Warwick gets to him first and kills him. Warwick manages to punch the metal door of pod, creating the whole where Fleg sees the creature.

Fleg sees Warwik holding up the body of his lifeless companion before he manages to get the engine running. He then accidentally cuts his hand after touching the sharp edges of the metal whole which resulted to him bleeding. Warwick smells the blood and enrages, showing its anger and thirst for blood.

Fleg panics more and as the pod creates some distance from Warwick, the mechanism attached to the creature turns from green to orange. Warwick produces a cloud of steam which partially hides it. Fleg turns away for one second only to see that the beast disappeared.

Warwick Rework 2017: Possible Skills

The beast suddenly reappears from above after leaping from its place. Warwick rework 2017 might feature the leap that the beast did and the glowing claws it used to attack. The teaser video might have confirmed that Warwick’s kit would include attack modifiers, gap closers, and tracking abilities. Riot Games has yet to announce the entire kit of the champion.

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