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Here’s Why the Lenovo Smart Display is Better Than Amazon’s Echo Show

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Lenovo Smart Display

The Amazon Echo Show may have a run for its money with a new competitor that was unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. While the concept of Bluetooth speakers powered by a smart assistant isn’t anything new, the Lenovo Smart Display raises the stakes with an impressive HD display for your viewing pleasure.

What is the Lenovo Smart Display?

Lenovo’s Smart Display comes with Google Assistant. As such, it operates like other devices that are equipped with similar A.I. That means that the Smart Display is capable of performing different tasks and answering a variety inquiries. What makes Lenovo’s device stand out, however, is its HD display.

Lenovo Smart Display vs. Amazon Echo Show

Against the Echo Show, Lenovo’s Smart Display is the clear winner in terms of its HD display. Lenovo’s Smart Display comes in two sizes: an eight-inch (1280 x 720 HD) and a 10-inch (1920 x 1080 full HD). Lenovo’s sizes take it up a notch against the Echo Show’s seven-inch panel.

Users will be provided with better visual context to the Google Assistant’s actions thanks to the Smart Display’s HD screen. With its support from Google, Lenovo’s Smart Display is also capable of playing YouTube videos.

Additionally, Lenovo’s design comes off as much curvier with a cleaner aesthetic against the Echo Show’s sharp cuts. The back of the Smart Display also comes in two variants: a Bamboo option and a Gray. Regardless of the size, the front of the Smart Display stays the same with a white frame.

More Specs

With its curved backing, Lenovo’s Smart Display can be propped up on its own, allowing for hands-free use. On the left of the device is its front-facing speaker. Reportedly, the Smart Display will be powered by the Qualcomm SDA 624 SoC. This means that it will come with an integrated CPU, GPU, and DSP. Additionally, the Smart Display will also come with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.

If left idle, the Smart Display acts as a digital picture frame when not in use. It utilizes Google Photos in order to show pictures on its screen. Users can also make use of the Smart Display as a means of taking video calls through Google’s video call app, Duo.


The Lenovo Smart Display will cost $200 for the eight-inch variant, and $250 for its 10-inch variant. An official release date has yet to be announced, though more details can be found on the Lenovo website.

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