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The Samsung HW-N650 may appear to be just another Samsung soundbar that has been released in the past. But, upon closer inspection, it’s clear that the HW-N650 is more than what meets the eye. What makes the HW-N650 so special above any other regular Samsung soundbar?

Samsung HW-N650: What You Need to Know

As part of Samsung’s 2018 home entertainment lineup, the HW-N650 was first unveiled at Samsung’s First Look event, which took place prior to this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show. The soundbar boasts of a wireless subwoofer. Designed to be wall-mounted, it features small holes that make effects sound much more seamless.

Underneath the soundbar’s casing is a tube-shaped sound port that sits between dual tweeters. It is lined with small ports, which Samsung refers to as a “hole array.” Jim Kiczek, Samsung’s VP of Digital Audio and Video, explains that these holes are designed to allow for “highly directional acoustic beams.”

The Best Samsung Soundbar for Gamers

Notably, the HW-N650 seems to target a specific market in particular: gamers. Whereas most soundbars might cater to cinema junkies, the HW-N650 addresses the needs of video game fans instead.

The Samsung HW-N650 brings out the best audio in your video games.

Thanks to its Acoustic Beam Technology, the HW-N650 delivers quality sound that brings in the finest audio details in video games. With this, gaming aficionados can further appreciate what a video game can offer, from boss fights, to simple ambient sound effects, to dialogue between characters. The HW-N650 is one soundbar that only improves the gaming experience. Although the HW-N650 primarily caters to gamers, it is still an all-around Samsung soundbar that can be enjoyed for other forms of media, such as in film, TV, and music.

Price and Availability

According to reports, the HW-N650 will come with a price of $499. It will allegedly be available this April. However, Samsung’s 2018 home entertainment line in general will begin rolling out in stores by March 2018.

Other Samsung Updates

Besides the HW-N650, Samsung also revealed that another soundbar of theirs will be re-released with a few improvements. The HW-K950, which launched back in 2016, will now feature side-firing speakers on each end of the soundbar. With this, the HW-K950 will be able to deliver top-notch surround sound. Additionally, it will also come with DTS:X support. As some may recall, the original HW-K950 did not come with such a feature.

Due to these tweaks, the HW-K950 is expected to see a price increase. The current HW-K950 model costs $1,499.

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