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More Games Anticipated For Amazon Echo Buttons in 2018

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Amazon Echo Buttons
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2018 may see some growth for the Amazon Echo Buttons in the form of even more games in line with the company’s A.I., the Amazon Alexa. Whereas the Amazon Echo is the company’s brand of smart speakers that connect to Alexa, the Amazon Echo Buttons allow users to play game show-like trivia games with the A.I. Now, according to reports, such capabilities may come with further expansions in the year ahead.

The Future of the Amazon Echo Buttons

“I think you’ll see a lot more games come out this year that take advantage of the buttons,” shares Amazon Alexa vice president Steve Rabuchin to TechCrunch during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. As to what these potential games may be for the Echo Buttons remains unknown.

Moreover, Rabuchin teases that 2018 may involve other connected gadgets for the Echo. Reportedly, Amazon has already begun experimenting with Alexa game developers to come up with other similar devices that may become available sometime within the year.

“The model is that we build something, we open it up to developer community, and let them innovate,” explains Rabuchin. This makes for even more possibilities for Amazon, as it means that a variety of devices may become capable of syncing with Alexa. This could then translate to even more games and features with projects from third-party developers.

What are the Amazon Echo Buttons?

For the uninitiated, the Echo Buttons are the flagship product of Amazon’s Alexa Gadgets. Essentially, they allow users to play games with friends through the use of Alexa. The compact devices are powered by AAA batteries and are capable of connecting to an Amazon Echo via Bluetooth. This ultimately provides a new point of interaction with Alexa.

Furthermore, the Echo is able to detect when a Button has been pressed. This thus translates to a multitude of user experiences that are dependent on how the devices are utilized per game. Notably, up to four Buttons can be connected to the Echo.

The Echo Buttons are fairly new, having been launched last December 2017. With this into account, its launch lineup of games is considerably underwhelming for many at only four new Alexa Skills. However, this only makes Rabuchin’s statements all the more promising. In line with his comments, it appears as though the Echo Buttons’ niche market may grow alongside its expansion of games.

Where to Buy the Amazon Echo Buttons

The Echo Buttons can be purchased as a set of two from Amazon for $19.99.

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