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Motiv Ring is the Most Portable Fitness Tracker Yet

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Fitbit may reign supreme when it comes to fitness trackers, but despite this, other competitors continue to raise the bar in the market to give Fitbit a run for their money. In fact, Fitbit has already dabbled in more smartwatch waters with the Fitbit Ionic. While these fitness devices often sport the traditional sleek aesthetic of watches, one contender switches things up by making a fitness tracker that isn’t worn around your wrist, but rests on your finger instead.

Enter the Motiv Ring: a fitness tracker that isn’t a wristwatch, but a ring instead. It may be the smallest device of its kind yet.

Motiv Ring: How Does it Work?

Like other fitness devices, the Motiv Ring tracks several aspects of your workout and lifestyle. This includes details such as active heart rate, sleep, rest, calories, and also measures steps. Syncing is done via Bluetooth with the Motiv app. It’s worth noting, however, that the Motiv Ring is only compatible with iPhones thus far. Though the device was first unveiled in 2017, it still lacks support for Android devices.

Fitness tracking on the Motiv Ring takes a more laid back approach versus other trackers that take note of each and every minuscule detail. With the Motiv Ring, tracking of average heart rate is done during 10-minute-or-more activity sessions, and it works similarly when counting steps.

Notably, the Motiv Ring is waterproof, so it can be used for more water-based sports. In terms of battery, the device can be charged with a keychain charger. It’s worth noting, though, that the Motiv Ring’s battery lasts for only three days.

As it is a ring and not a watch, the Motiv Ring is not adjustable. As such, users will be tasked to size themselves ahead of making a purchase. When it comes to ordering a Motiv Ring, a ring-sizing kit will be sent to your home so as to determine a size most suitable for your fingers.

Motiv Ring in 2018

As per reports, the Motiv Ring will be seeing some substantial tweaks in 2018. Fitness tracking will become more accurate as the device will later be capable of actively recording data at the beginning of workouts. This will ultimately allow for more efficient managing of your fitness regimen.

Additionally, support for Apple devices will be improved as well with the integration of Apple Health. Moreover, the Motiv Ring will later on boast of a feature that allows you to broadcast your workouts on social media. Besides all this, the Motiv Ring will soon feature support for Android devices in 2018, which is one addition that is most definitely welcome for this fitness tracker.

The Motiv Ring costs $199. It can be purchased via the Motiv website.

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